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How to Get Rid of Blisters

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How to treat blisters from working out

The blister is a part of raised skin with a watery liquid inside. Blisters form on feet and hands as a result of rubbing and pressure. Foot blisters can occur due to friction between your feet and shoes. Blisters are worsened by moisture and friction, so keeping your feet bone dry can help prevent them from forming. It is always best to let a blister heal itself, but very painful blisters can be popped with the right tools. If you observe any complications, such as a blister that does not go away, make an appointment with your doctor for evaluation. Ridding your feet of painful blisters requires lifestyle changes and the use of products to relieve the pressure placed on the skin. Below are some of the useful tips to get rid of blisters.

Always Be Clean

Keeping your feet very clean will help prevent any bacteria or germs from penetrating the skin, protecting you from possible infections, especially if you're going to end up popping it. Take this extra precaution to keep your feet comfortable while a blister is healing. Don't rub your blister with alcohol or iodine. In this case, good antiseptics soap and water will work just fine.

Try Aloe Vera

Slather on some aloe Vera gel when you've got a blister that's bothering you. Aloe Vera is a natural anti-inflammatory, which will help with keeping the blister clean, preventing infection and the cooling sensation feels great when your blister is healing. If you are suffering from foot blisters, you can try aloe Vera gel to get the soothing effect instantly. All you need to do is to take some fresh Aloe Vera leaves.

Soak It in Green Tea

Green tea is a well-known anti-inflammatory element and contains plenty of antioxidants and vitamins to heal blisters. Take a green tea bag and steep it in one cup of hot water. Place the moist green tea bag on the blister for a few minutes. These home treatments for blisters will reduce inflammation and pain, prevent infection and quicken the healing process. You can also drink green tea to boost the curing process.

Fancy Blister Bandages

Bandages protect your blister from irritating contact and reduce friction, but the way you apply them can affect how your blister heals. Make sure the bandages are applied securely. A bandage will also help keep your blister protected from possible infections. This remedy protecting it from friction, or dirt and debris, allows the blister to breathe and promote healing.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties; therefore, it helps prevent infection once the blister pops. If the vinegar home remedy is too painful, try washing the area with hydrogen peroxide and coat with an antibacterial ointment. This is yet another magic element of nature which can heal various types of diseases.

Pop Vitamin E

Vitamin E quickens the curing process of the blister. If you have itchiness in your blisters then apply vitamin E oil. Your itchiness will go away after applying this for the first time. Vitamin E has magnificent skin repairing properties, as it also helps skin cells heal rapidly and prevents scarring.

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