Simple Weight Loss Tips

Today we will give you a few helpful tips for losing weight and staying slim. Everyone knows that in order to stay fit you need to stay active. So in order to lose a little weight we suggest walking, biking or running at least 3 to 4 times a week. If you like to walk […]

Prohormones for sale

Muscle Freaks Nutrition is know for being one of the best places on the internet for buying pros at a great price. We offer some of the hardest to find prohormones for sale in the United States. All of our pros are currently legal to purchase in the United States. These products can help to […]


Carbopol became popular about 3 years ago when Xcel Sports Nutrition started including this ingredient in all of their prohormone supplements. Carbopol helps to release smaller amounts of the prohormone compound over time instead of all at once like most products on the market. This allows two things to happen. Number one it allows more […]

AMP Citrate

Amp Citrate is a new stimulate compound much like DMAA. This compound is often listed on labels as AMP Citrate, is a close chemical cousin of DMAA — a stimulant the U.S. FDA has warned supplement companies that it’s an illegal ingredient that carries risks of heart attacks, seizures and neurological conditions. Scientists in the USA […]

Blackstone Labs Alpha 1 Max

Hey everyone we keep getting emails from customers complaining about the prohormone ban that hit on December 18th 2014. There is nothing we can do all of the products that were banned are no longer for sale in the United States. The good news is there are still a few good products out there but […]

Training Services and Diet Services

Are you looking for some help getting in shape? Muscle Freaks Nutrition knows who is the best in the business when it comes to Diet and Nutrition. Jessica Bowman Fitness Great for everyday weight loss or Competition. Rob OG Kean Great for everyday weight loss or Competition. Build muscle or get your body into the condition […]

Bodybuilding And Diet Info

Hey Everyone our sister site will be launching in a few days a blog that will be full of information about bodybuilding, figure and bikini competition. There will also be a section for weight lifting tips as well and also supplement reviews. This site will be a muscle building bible type of guide that will teach you everything […]

How Bradley Cooper got ready for his role in American Sniper

Bradley Cooper didn’t hold back when preparing for his latest role. The actor found himself working hard to add almost 40 pounds of muscle for his role as Chris Kyle in the Clint Eastwood directed movie American Sniper. A movie that has already nabbed six Oscar nominations including Best Picture and a Best Actor nod for Cooper. It is said […]


SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) are performance enhancers which have been used in bodybuilding for some time now. Many bodybuilders use SARMS in the world of steroids, they are used because they are oral in nature and they target androgen receptors in the human body to help increase muscle growth. Being these compounds are ingested […]

Bodybuilding Motivation | Muscle Building | Muscle Freaks Nutrition

It takes a ton of dedication to become a bodybuilder. Most people fail due to the strict discipline that is needed day to day to create the physique it takes to step on stage. Hours and hours a week are dedicated to Diet Nutrition and gym time in order to make it up on the stage. […]