AMP Citrate

Amp Citrate is a new stimulate compound much like DMAA.

This compound is often listed on labels as AMP Citrate, is a close chemical cousin of DMAA — a stimulant the U.S. FDA has warned supplement companies that it’s an illegal ingredient that carries risks of heart attacks, seizures and neurological conditions. Scientists in the USA and the Netherlands testing several products found that the amount of the new synthetic stimulant varies widely, the dosage isn’t disclosed on labels, there’s scant evidence the chemical is natural and none that it’s safe in humans.

AMP citrate is chemically synthesised. However many supplement manufacturers claim that it can be found in Pouchong tea, a Chinese tea similar to oolong.

When taken in small doses AMP Citrate supplements are a strong central nervous system stimulant that can help increase energy, focus, and metabolism. Making this supplement a good replacement to the once popular DMAA supplements of the past found in Oxy Elite Pro and many other supplements.