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The Beginners’ Supplement Guide For Ultimate Fitness

The Beginners’ Supplement Guide For Ultimate Fitness

If you’re just starting your journey toward better fitness, you can benefit from the extra boost that certain supplements can provide. Though it’s important to learn how to maintain a healthy diet and work out correctly, supplements can be a real game changer as well. Here’s your supplement guide for ultimate fitness.

If you’re working out and want to get an edge or boost in your gains, a supplement plan may be necessary.

While there is no doubt that supplements can be very useful, they should not become a crutch. You should keep to the fundamentals of strong workouts, quality protein, and plenty of rest.

Shopping for supplements can be confusing, of course. The field is dizzyingly competitive, with the supplement market expected to grow to $18 billion. As a beginner, you need to stick to a few of the basic supplement categories.

This supplement guide is to help you save time, money, and potential health setbacks. People who just grab random bottles at the GNC won’t know how or if it will work. You can trust us with these picks.

Pre-Workout Energy

Jumping into another workout after a long day or night can be tough. Getting the most out of your workout requires lots of energy and focus. A pre-workout supplement can make the difference between stagnant routine and real gains.

These pre-workout energy boosters usually contain some sort of caffeine, B-12 vitamin, and potassium combination. These three ingredients working together will give a controlled but lasting endurance in the gym.


Also known as branched-chain amino acid supplements, BCAAs offer a natural and proven boost in protein synthesis. These essential amino acids help increase muscle recovery, which gives more muscle growth.

Without BCAAs, all that protein you’re eating won’t be used fully. Some of it goes out the other end.

That’s literally money down the toilet. Another good perk of taking BCAAs is less muscle soreness the day after workouts. This is an effect of having more protein in action to repair muscles faster. Faster repairs equal less time spent between workout sessions.

BCAAs help preserve your body’s glycogen. You need this to fuel your muscles’ production of energy or work. More glycogen means more fuel you’re body is running on that isn’t muscle fiber.

When your body is starving for energy it will either a) burn fat or b) break down proteins. Glycogen is your friend.


Many beginner strength training regimens overlook the usefulness of multi-vitamins. People just assume that they’ll be getting all their vitamins from what they’re eating, so no need for a supplement. Well, the reason we’re including vitamins in our supplement guide isn’t to achieve your average DV.

We’re pushing ourselves harder, further, more than our average exercise. That requires more vitamins than our average day’s usage. You absolutely need plenty of vitamins and minerals to properly utilize energy, protein, and other facilities.

As you’re breaking down muscles, stressing joints and bones, all these things require more building blocks. A multi-vitamin keeps things running smoothly, blood cells carrying maximum oxygen, and etc. Because you’re using these vitamins and minerals at a greater rate, your body might be running low at the end of a day.

You always want to keep a surplus of these building blocks, never assume you’re getting enough because you feel good. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies show up when you start having serious problems. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but at some point, they appear in an ugly way.

Protein Powders

Now that we’ve covered the most important prep supplements, let’s talk about fueling that engine. Protein should be taken like it’s running out of style, as long as you have a healthy liver. If you want to move beyond stand physique, you must be absorbing protein practically all day.

Protein powders are the most convenient way to boost your protein intake, unless you plan on chugging whole milk by the gallons, protein powder is going to be the best workout supplement for beginners. It’s a lot tastier to drink milk with protein powders anyway.

Now, you do have quite a number of protein isolates to choose from, each with their advantages. Just remember whey-based powers absorb very quickly and include sugars, as it is milk-based. Casein-based powders absorb slowly, in comparison.

With this information, plan your “rest days” with casein protein and your post-workout with whey protein. Ideally, you should be drinking your whey as you workout for maximum protein usage. Don’t replace meals with protein shakes, unless there is no other alternative at the time.


This used to be a spooky work for many supplement guide experts years ago. The truth is, after many years of research and testing, creatine has been found to be 100% safe. There used to be fears of liver failure and etc, but that was determined to be unfounded.

Creatine actually occurs naturally in most animal meat sources. What it does for bodybuilders is assist in drawing water to assist in muscle function.

This translates into stronger and longer workout results. It functions as a rapid protein synthesis catalyst.

Creatine can be taken alongside other protein synthesis boosters, like BCAAs. It works best when combined with your pre-workout shakes.

Supplement Guide Final Verdict

If you’ve heard of all or most of what was in this supplement guide, then that’s good. It is a testament to how effective and trusted these supplements are. The supplement industry can be very deceptive and expensive for a beginner to treck through.

You need a strong base of understanding of what works and what doesn’t. This means you must be in-tuned to your body and how it reacts to basic things like vitamins, proteins, and energy boosters. There are a lot of supplements out there that are huge cocktails of these things.

You can’t expect most people to know what a proper dosage is for all of these things working together. You just have to take your time and do the research on these things. Don’t assume that just because all the ingredients are natural, it will have a positive impact on you.

If you have any specific questions about supplements, what we offer, or more recommendations, feel free to contact us. We promise to be 100% honest and objective on our advice.