D6 Prohormone test by Brad Picardat

D6 Log and Results

Over the last month I have been running a cycle of d6 and was pretty surprised by the outcome. See ever since the ban of most prohormones its been hard to make me happy when it comes to a cycle. Being a believer in making my own stacks out of single compounds I went against my standard way of thinking with D6.

Breaking down D6 Prohormone

So this D6 product is made up of 3 compounds which are Hexadrone, DMZ and Methylstenbolone. Hexadrone has become one of my favorite prohormone supplements since the ban of 2014. Here is why, it works well for lean muscle growth and its pretty easy on the liver. I would say its similar to halodrol but without the liver harshness. Most users will see dry gains with very little to if any water retention. The next compound DMZ has been around for ever and is know for lean gains of muscle. This compound is liver toxic so we need to keep cycles shorter and be sure to use a liver support. Methylstenbolone has been compared to Superdrol, which I don’t agree with. This compound is a much drier compound than superdrol was. This compound is also very liver toxic so a liver support is needed. So adding these three compounds together will deliver some pretty serious gains. The best part about it is they are dry gains so you will keep most of them after finishing your cycle.

Results from D6

Here is what I noticed from cycling D6. The first week I didn’t feel much or gain much but I did have a slight cold that popped up a day after my cycle started. It never fails right? The second week I felt much better and pushed to get my diet right on. My diet was a High Carb day followed by two medium carb days and one low. I repeated this diet cycle during the entire 6 weeks. Once the diet was in check I noticed some major gains in strength hardness and muscle mass. Now I’ve been bodybuilding for over 24 years so I don’t get the 10 to 15 pound increases like some people get. But I could see some serious muscle fullness while using this product. At the end of weeks six I noticed a gain of 6 pounds in total body weight and a drop in body fat.

Do I think D6 is a good purchase? For the price I don’t think you can go wrong. I mean if I were to buy each one of the compounds above I would be way over the price of one  bottle on\f d6.



  1. Aren’t done if these banned prohormones now? I purchased this product but haven’t taken it yet cuz I read how harsh some of the compound are on the liver and want to be safe and make sure my OCT is working. I’m a newbie to prohormones I try staying as natural as possible but have been stuck for some time now…. I was going to try Blackstone Labs chosen 1 but I see mixed reviews….. what do you recommend? With D6 am I going to fuck myself up? I’m 29 years old, weigh 185ish and I’m 5’9”. about 10-12% body fat…..

  2. musclefreaksnutrition

    I would look at taking Hexadrol if you are woried about sides, another good prohormone is blackstone labs metha quad very mild and no sides but will increase strength. The only down side is its expensive and doesnt deliver like d6. If you do your homework and start slow you should be fine with d6.

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