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Revolutionary Stimulant Free Mental Focus Nootropic Maximizer


There’s an old saying, ‘your mind is a muscle – use it or lose it’. While as athletes we often focus on the exact ingredients for building our skeletal muscle tissue or tearing up fat stores, we often forget that all our efforts, both in the gym and out in the world, are based on that massive collection of neurons we call the brain. Maximizing your mental focus, improving your mood, enhancing the nervous system link between mind and muscle, feeling more alert and committed, boosting confidence and memory – whatever your goal, you would be well served by all these factors.

It’s time to get your head in the game. It’s time for Stampede-NEURO.


When we were designing our new Stampede product, we quickly established two very different goal-sets for the line and thus the decision was made to go ‘all-out’ in separate directions. For the hardcore stimulant who needs to perform at outrageous intensity, Stampede-STIM was born. However another, less travelled, but equally exciting prospect, hovered into view. This was the idea of a totally stimulant-FREE product that was just as effective for everyday life as blasting past plateau’s in the gym.

We’ve all felt it, brain-fog, weariness, lack of focus, lack of motivation, disinterest in training, depressive tendencies, social awkwardness, forgetting details. Whether it’s lack of sleep, lack of nutrition or just the stresses and strains of modern high-velocity lifestyles in general, we all need a boost. And even for those working at peak performance, it’s possible to go beyond.

What does that big exam final coming up, the high-pressure work meeting or presentation , asking out that perfect someone on a first date or walking up to a loaded squat rack above your PB – have in common? Mental stress. Even before your body gets involved, these things play out in your mind. This is where success or failure gets off the starting blocks. Sure, a lot of other factors come into play, but at that initial moment, you need your wits and your confidence about you. Athletes, students, entrepreneurs, professionals, hard-partying folk – whatever describes you at this moment – you need to be firing on all cylinders to succeed – both physical AND mental.

We were so excited about Stampede-NEURO that we actually held it back several months just to try it out further. It’s now our single most beta-tested product in our range. Why? Because the results just kept getting more interesting. What started off as a product to really boost the mind-muscle link in the gym (without the pressure of stimulant use for those who either don’t like, or can’t use, stimulants) has become something much more. Beta-testers really liked it for training, but they absolutely loved it for just day to day boosting of their mood, outlook, focus and memory. For the younger crowd (or those who just live young!) the crushing pressure of exams combined with a life outside of the gym and classroom that makes a lot of demands were all improved with the use of NEURO. And for those on the career ladder (and we have some beta-testers in VERY high pressure careers) the results were just staggering in terms of feeling and performing better in mentally stressful or testing situations – from high-powered business presentations to huge crowds, to extreme sleep deprivation in hospitals, sports franchises and even war-zones.

Stampede-NEURO is absolutely NOT just another supplement. It’s a total maximizer for YOUR life. It also works in two ways, first you get an immediate (within 15 minutes of digestion) boost to your mental faculties and performance. So taking before any stressful or demanding situations results in testable improvements. Also, after using for a longer period of time, results actually improve across the board. Unlike many supplements which become less and less effective over repeated use, NEURO actually gets better. Whether this is reduction in stress-factors that impact neurological performance peaks or an actual boost of neuro-communication factors (or a combination) is currently unknown, but the important thing is – IT WORKS.


Stampede-NEURO is a totally STIMULANT-FREE product that does not rely on the short term boost of metabolic thermogenics to give you the benefits of increased mental performance. Don’t get us wrong, for those who can handle them and don’t need to go to sleep straight away, or have health issues preventing them, stimulant formulas can be the perfect pre-workout option. However, Stampede-NEURO is not about the occasional pick-me-up, it’s about overhauling the way you act, feel, respond and perform from the very core of your thought processes – the brain.

Every ingredient has been carefully balanced to avoid conflicting signalling issues and therefore release in concert to put your head back in the game. Simply take 3 capsules with water per day. If you have a specific demanding or stressful situation coming up, take prior to that and experience immediate and noticeable benefits, however the real genius comes with consistent use.

Are you tired of feeling tired? Even when you get a decent block of sleep? Are you fed up of being fed up? Feeling low, under-achieving, moody, depressed, unmotivated and ‘foggy’ impacts almost every person, of any age or sex at many points in your life. Sure there are reasons that NEURO won’t touch – when disasters or crises in our lives hit, we can’t just pop a pill and cure everything, but NEURO is not about turning you into an emotionless ‘zombie’ like so many so-called ‘cures’. It’s about helping you cope with stresses by building up your tolerance and firing the neurons that are your entire self, your entire ability to intuit, improvise, learn, adapt, improve, guess, notice and remember.

In short – Stampede-NEURO is going to make you better. Better what you ask? And the answer is – at whatever you need to do.

Get your head in the game.

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