Assault Anabolic Shred Warfare Series By Xcel Sports Nutrition

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Assault Anabolic Shred Warfare Series By Xcel Sports Nutrition


Assault Anabolic Shred by Xcel Sports Nutrition is a new product from the Warfare Series Prohormones. Xcel's Assault is an hardcore five stack designed to provide powerful strength gains and lean shredded freaky muscle mass. Assault Anabolic Shred contains the following compounds Dymethazine, Trenavar, Mentabolan, Furazabol, and Epistane at their most effective dose! The home run ingredent is the time release agent Carbopol which enhances the efficacy of each compound and ensures its delivery into your bloodstream. Xcel Assault warefare series will provide rapid strength increases, zero water retention, increase lean muscle mass, reduction of body fat, and enhanced vascularity.

Xcel Sports Assault is an extremely powerful and effective prohormone stack for users looking to increase muscle mass and eliminate body fat for a muscular shredded appearance.

Assault includes the natural strength building compounds 5a-Hydroxy laxogenin and Beta-ecdysterone. These natural compounds were included to further enhance strength and protein synthesis. Also included in each capsule of Assault is an organ guard formula to help keep you safe on cycle!

Proper On-Cycle and Post Cycle Support should be used with a cycle of Assault.

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