Animal Fury Pre workout

Animal Fury Pre workout

Animal Fury

Whats up everyone, so this entire coronovirus crap going around has put a damper on most of our lives. Without having a gym to workout in I'm sure many bodybuilders across the nations are struggling. I have been getting creative getting my workouts in but it hasn't been easy. Yesterday I was stuck in my house going on 2 days straight and decided I needed to get a workout in. It was a struggle to get going believe me, never been a big at home workout guy. So I went downstairs and decided to grab a pre-workout out of inventory and came across a Animal Fury and figured why the hell not. I have always been a big fan of Universal Nutrition and their Animal products, they are probably the best around at marketing their brand. So I mixed up some Animal Fury Green Apple in my Muscle Freaks Shaker cup and slammed it down. First off I've never been a big fan of taste of any preworkout and this one was no exception to the rule, which is why I slammed it. I walked on the treadmill for 25 minutes waiting for some energy to kick in. 

Caffeine Kicked In

Animal Fury has 350mg of Caffeine and kicked in after about 25 min of taking the supplement. For those of you who aren't big con Caffeine a cup of Coffee has on 95mg and a coke only has 39mg of Caffeine. Lets take it one step further a can of monster is sitting at 86mg so as you can imagine I was flying pretty high on energy. So its go time, today I was training shoulders one of my favorite muscle groups. So I jumped right into the military press hoping to get a great pump along with my energy boost from the Animal Fury. After my warm up set I did 4 working sets first 15 reps second 14 third 13 and flopped on the last at 10 reps. After these 4 sets my muscle were over full of blood and I was feeling pretty good. I felt good with my rep range as I went fairly heavy starting out with 135 and working my way up. So my first impression is the Beta Alanine in this Universal Fury was the perfect amount to help me fight through muscle fatigue during this workout. I wont go into a lot of details and bore everyone as I'm sure you are already there. But supplementing Beta Alanine helps you exercise longer and boost the amount of time your muscle can perform. This is why a lot of cyclist supplement with this product. Without going deep into the depth on this beta alanine does this by increasing the carnosine levels in the muscle by 60 to 80 percent which help to buffer acid build up in the muscles allowing you to work longer and harder during your set. 

Animal Fury Side Laterals

Next we moved on to side laterals, this is my favorite exercise for shoulders. You can get so much blood pumping with this exercise. I did 5 sets here as I'm trying to widen my upper frame a little bit more. Really its just to help my waist look smaller lol! Not really I just like wide shoulders! I train side laterals to failure on the last 3 sets, after my working reps are complete I do parcel reps until I can't take the pain any longer at that point my set is complete. After my 5th set was complete my muscles were at maximum fullness. So what caused such a pump? Well most of it was the extreme amount of reps I did thanks to the beta alanine but something was helping fill that pump more than normal. The ingredient in this product that is helping with the pump is citrulline malate this product is used in many pre-wrokout supplements. This compound is great for increasing performance, energy, pump and oxygen to the muscles. This combined with other key ingredients such as bcaa can really help take your workouts to the next level. 

Fury and Rear Delt workout

Years ago when I was still competing people in the gym were always asking me how I got the back of my shoulders so round and full. Well its called training the rear delts, I'm not sure why but this muscle gets overlooked so often. People think if the do that stupid rope pull to there forehead that will give them big full rear delts. This is a pretty small muscle so you really need to focus hard when training this part of the body. Animal Fury Pre-workout came in handy for this, no not a BS sales pitch. Matter of fact I wont even link this product to the page! See Fury has an ingredient called l-tyrosine which has been proven to increase alertness. It has also been shown to improve brain chemicals that help nerve cells communicate which can play a huge role when training a muscle that is hard to feel. This is why I really enjoyed this product. To really train the rear delts good you need to slow down and really feel the muscle work. I normally start out with some dumbbell training on my side. My arm crosses over my forehead and up like a reverse fly. You don't need to use a lot of weight here, i went up to 30 lbs when I was competing but now I only use 20 pounds most of the time. If you can do 20 pounds easily you are most likely swinging the weight and not concentrating on the rear delt and using other muscles. Throw the macho man attitude out of the window on this one, focus is what will get you growing on this one. After your set of 15 to 20 is complete you should be able to feel a nice pump in your rear delts. If you don't feel it give it another shot and really try to slow down the weight and focus on that mind muscle connection. It took me a while to master this exercise and really feel it but now that I did wow I've had crazy growth back there. 

Universal Animal Fury Green Apple And Front Delts

Front delts are what many bodybuilders focus on the most or hit the most and sometimes its by mistake. When doing shoulder press you hit the main head of the shoulder. For front delt raises I focus on driving as much blood into the shoulders as possible. I do this with higher reps which also prevents injury, I like to rotate back and forth between DB and Cable raises. The one thing I really like about the cables is I get that constant tension during the exercise which I feel helps muscle grow. Time under tension to me is very important, when I do my cable raises I always count to 3 on my way down and resist the weight going backwards which increases the intensity of this exercise. With the beta alanine in the Animal fury I felt like I had a lot of fuel left in the tank so I did a super set with my front delts that pretty much finished them off. I started with 20 pound dumbbells for my first set and went right over to the cable raises and went to failure. I kept increasing weight on the dumbbells for 4 sets, by the time I got to the last set I was only able to get 4 reps on the final set of cables. My front delst were full of blood and I had a mind blowing pump going. I feel like this supplement really helped me push all the way through this super set. I think my only complaint would be the stimulates are a little high, I tend to like my stims lower and the meats and potatoes of the supplements a little higher. Universal has done a pretty good job here with not stuffing to many stims and skimping on the ingredients that matter. I'm pretty happy with Animal Fury compared to many of the other products on the market. I still prefer to make my own preworkout from raw supplements but when your crunched for time this product works really well. Also it taste a lot better than my concoction. 

Finishing up my Animal Nutrition Workout

So it was a great workout but I wanted to finish off with some shrugs, I did 4 working sets focusing on the entire trap muscle. Once this was complete I stretched my upper body for a good 10 minutes trying to reduce soreness tomorrow. I finished up with a few ab exercises and some cardio my favorite time of day...not really. 

I've always been a fan of Universals Animal products and I will be keeping this one in my line up, I might see what other flavors the Animal Fury comes in, the green apple was a little bitter to me but it was doable. I also love this brand as they are a big supporter of the bodybuilding world and do a lot for the industry. If you have never checked out their products I strongly recommend checking them out. I love taking one of there staple supplements Animal pak in the winter time to help keep my immune system up and its a great supplement for recovery. That about wraps up this blog, I hope it was helpful. Feel free to comment down below and be sure to check out our supplement store for some of the best products on the market. 

Brandon Picardat

Mar 26, 2020 Brandon Picardat

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