Arm Day With HYPE By Blackstone Labs

Blackstone Labs HYPE Arm Day workout

I decided to give HYPE a try for the first time today while training arms. I took HYPE about 25 minutes before my noon workout so I was sure it would be in my bloodstream by noon. I arrived to the gym right at Noon ready to go but my training partner was fucking off so I was delayed by 15 minutes. I started out with close grip bench press to hit the head of the triceps. I didn't feel much during the 4 sets as far as extra pump goes. By the time I hit my 3rd exercise of tricep wrist pull downs I could feel the HYPE kicking in. I continued on to the fourth exercise and couldn't stand the pump by the last set. I hit maximum capacity of blood in my triceps for sure.

After the tricep work was complete I moved on to Biceps and it didn't take long to feel the pump here this stuff works great for pumps that's for sure. I ended up doing 4 different exercises with 4 sets on each one. It was a great workout and I was feeling the HYPE with very full muscles.

So my take on HYPE is it works great for delivering a pump but if you are a stim junky this product is not for you. So don't waste your money unless you plan on mixing it with some type of stim.

My other supplements during this training session are Halodrol, 1-ad, 1-test and bcaa powder.

Height 5'6

Weight 211

Body Fat about 18%

Want HYPE get it here

Aug 26, 2019

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