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How Bradley Cooper got ready for his role in American Sniper

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper didn’t hold back when preparing for his latest role.

The actor found himself working hard to add almost 40 pounds of muscle for his role as Chris Kyle in the Clint Eastwood directed movie American Sniper. A movie that has already nabbed six Oscar nominations including Best Picture and a Best Actor nod for Cooper.

It is said that Cooper had to be on a crazy strict diet in order to gain 40 lbs of muscle. As a bodybuilder we already know what it takes and believe me this is probably very true. It was said the Cooper had to eat every hour and consume 8,000 calories a day in order to play his role as Sniper Chris Kyle. These numbers may seem crazy to the average person but to a bodybuilder they are realistic. Cooper’s diet had to be very rich in protein and healthy fats in order to achieve this type of gains in only a few months.

Bradley used his own trainer, and worked out four hours a day for several months. He was determined to do it naturally, he didn’t want to use any hormones or steroids or anything unnatural. He was just very strict with everything and took his trainer with him everywhere he went. This shows that muscle can be built naturally, every time a movie star gains large amounts of muscle the rumors fly. Those rumors are normally started by people who have never put in enough work to build serious muscle. It can be done without drugs if you work hard enough and eat right like Cooper did.

It’s clear that Cooper had to be really strict and have some insane workouts to add that much muscle in only a few months. There are some rumors that Coopers trainer had him on a few different prohormones which we believe are just that rumors. I’m pretty sure a high paid actor would get help from his doctor before messing with some type of prohormone that has a lot of unwanted side effects. It can be done with out drugs people I have personally seen it.

Cooper also worked hard outside of the gym learning how to handle weapons and studying tapes on Chris Kyle so he could become like him in his role. Cooper’s preparation also included twice-daily lessons with a vocal coach and daily target practicing until he got good enough to hit a tea cup sized target at 800 yards.

This shows how much hard work some of these actors have to go through in order to play a role of a real life hero like Chris Kyle.


SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) are performance enhancers which have been used in bodybuilding for some time now. Many bodybuilders use SARMS in the world of steroids, they are used because they are oral in nature and they target androgen receptors in the human body to help increase muscle growth. Being these compounds are ingested is a plus for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, since they take a short time to reach the bloodstream. SARMS are the most highly abused anabolic steroid in the bodybuilding world and since they are cheaper and more effective a lot of companies are offering them on the black market today. The problem with other types of steroids is that they have their own unique limitations as they can cause a fluctuation of testosterone levels in the bloodstream. Most of the time androgenic effects of using Sarms are noticed immediately after they have been used. It is for this very reason that SARMS have been used for the treatment of osteoporosis (weakness in the bones) in women. A SARM is one of the few oral steroid drugs that is not toxic to the liver. Most oral prohormones and steroids can cause serious liver damage and normally require cycle support while using them.

When A SARM is used in small doses, they are great at starting anabolic effects in the body of the users which can help the body recover faster from training. These products can cause gyno in male’s users an side effect which can be permanent. It’s important to use caution when using SARMS. Just because they don’t cause problems with liver damage that all other oral steroids do, they do have potential of many other unwanted side effects.

Bodybuilding Motivation | Muscle Building | Muscle Freaks Nutrition

It takes a ton of dedication to become a bodybuilder. Most people fail due to the strict discipline that is needed day to day to create the physique it takes to step on stage. Hours and hours a week are dedicated to Diet Nutrition and gym time in order to make it up on the stage. Blood sweat and and tears are pour into every step to make sure you are your best on show day. Everything from supplements to workout programs need to be on point in order to bring your best physique possible. Bodybuilding is a way of life, it becomes a life style that will consume you and make you want more. Bodybuilders do it for the challenge. This is a huge challenge that only the ones who have stepped on stage know what I’m referring to. This video goes out to all the bodybuilders that spend 365 days a year preparing for their next big show! You are bodybuilding!


Agmatine Sulfate

While there are many bodybuilding supplements on the market, there is one that is becoming increasingly popular because it is able to produce a greater boost to nitric oxide production than L-Arginine. Nitric oxide is crucial for providing more oxygen, nutrients and blood to the muscle tissue so the muscles are able to recover more efficiently and grow larger and stronger.

How Does Agmatine Sulfate Work in the Body?

Agmatine is also known as 4-aminobutyl guanidine. This aminoguanidine was discovered by Albrecht Kossel, a German biochemist and pioneer in the field of genetic studies. Through extensive research through the years, agmatine sulfate has been found to increase nitric oxide synthesis and decrease the blood sugar levels of the body through the process of anabolism.

Agmatine sulfate also increases the production of human growth hormone and lutenizing hormone. With higher levels of these key hormones, the body has an increased ability to burn fat, recover from exhaustive workouts and build greater muscle mass.

What Benefits Can People Experience When Taking Agmatine Sulfate?

When this supplement is taken before meals, it helps the body to control the insulin levels so there is less blood sugar being circulated throughout the body. While controlling blood sugar levels, amino acids are increased and sent directly to the muscle cells. Taking this supplement allows a person to get leaner and gain greater mass in their muscle tissue.

Agmatine sulfate can also be taken at bedtime. When a person takes this supplement just before they fall asleep, it immediately goes to work on increasing the levels of growth hormone and lutenizing hormone in the body. With increased hormones, there will be less downtime after a stringent workout because the body can go directly to work on repairing the muscle tissue and growing new tissue.

This supplement can be used with other supplements to further enhance the benefits. When purchasingagmatine sulfate, it is crucial to purchase from a reputable retailer that offers pure pharmaceutical gradeagmatine sulfate. In the past, this supplement was only available in combined formulas. Now, people can purchaseagmatine sulfate on its own which makes it easier to combine with other sports nutrition supplements.

Agmatine sulfate also offers a nootropic effect which allows it to give people a sharper mental focus so they are able to stay on task in their workouts and outside of the gym. It stimulates the mood to help guard against depression dips and anxiety.

Agmatine sulfate also releases endorphins and natural opioidcompounds that act as a pain reliever. This supplement can help to prevent pain after a workout so a person has no down time to deal with due to soreness.

This supplement has been proven safe for most people. The average dosage ofagmatine sulfate is 250mg to 2.5 grams. The supplement can be taken before meals and before bedtime as directed by the brand. With this supplement, a person can experience better performance during their workouts and better results after.

Muscle Building Supplements

As a body builder, if you are looking to increase your muscle mass, you need to factor in everything. Apart from your training at the gym, your nutrition and daily supplement intake are very important to achieving the desired results.In order to achieve the desired muscle mass increase, one needs to use the right supplements therefore creating an absolute environment.Below are top three muscle building supplements beneficial to you.

Whey Protein
Whey protein shakes are known to be rich in protein which helps to jump start the muscle growing process. The protein is usually consumed before and after an intense work out. This helps to increase the protein synthesis and improves the muscles restoration and recovery.Other key benefits muscle building trainers will benefit from whey protein include improved muscle repair, it is easily digested, acts as a natural appetite suppressant, helps to improve metabolism and its perfect for lactose intolerant individuals.

This is a naturally occurring substance that is found in our muscle cells especially around the skeletal muscle tissue.Athletes are known to prefer creatine especially when weight training and body building as the substance helps to increase muscle mass quickly.There are other perks one can get from using creatine as a muscle building supplement and they include:a.Helps to ensure one has a lean body mass.It helps to increase muscle cell volume.It helps to improve post workout recovery.It helps to increase glycogen storage.It helps to increase muscle performance

Beta Alanine
As a naturally occurring non essential amino acid found in foods such as poultry, it helps to improve ones performance due to its ability of increasing muscular levels of carnosine. When one gets to consume supplements, they increase the levels of carnosine which helps to increase muscles in the end.Other benefits include:a.improved endurance.Improved force output.Improved repeated ability to sprint.Works well with creatine

Shaping A Perfect Stomach – Your How-To Guide

Fitness Guide how to sculpt a perfect stomach

Looking to get a sleek, firm, and sexy stomach? This is one of the top goals that many women have when they step foot into the gym and yet, it’s one that few ever attain.

One of the big reasons why many women fail to see success with shaping their midsection is because they just don’t have the proper approach. Let’s fix this problem by walking you through the key requirements necessary to get that perfect stomach that you desire.

Put Nutrition First

When trying to get a set of flat abs, the first thing you need to do is stop the crunches and focus on your food. Sound odd? It’s a fact. What you put in your mouth on a day to day basis will influence the look of your stomach far more than any exercise you’re doing on the ab mats.

Everyone has a set of six pack abs. The reality is that most women simply have too much body fat covering those abs to actually see them. So your number one mission should be to bring down your total body fat percentage. That is done best with a sound diet.

Your nutrition should revolve around lean proteins, healthy fats, and plenty of fresh produce. Complex carbohydrates should be kept to only those times when you are most active to keep calories in check and promote the utilization of body fat as a fuel source. Sugar should be eliminated completely. Taking in sugar will just cause a surge of blood glucose, which will increase your risk of fat storage. By keeping blood sugar levels under control at all times, you will maintain higher rates of fat oxidation all day long.

Cutting out alcohol, if you can, is also a wise move as when alcohol is consumed, all fat burning will halt until the alcohol is out of your system. Each time you take a drink, it’s literally like taking a break from fat loss.

Structure Your Weight Workouts Correctly

When it comes to the workouts that you do, ab workouts aren’t even the most important factor here. In fact, you don’t even need to do core workouts to develop a great stomach if everything else is done right.

What you do need to be doing however is heavy compound lifting. This means squatting, deadlifting, bench pressing, and performing rows and/or pull-downs. These moves are going to stimulate more muscle fibers, which then ramps up your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more calories at rest. This will kick-start fat burning, getting you closer to seeing those ab muscles.

And, because these exercises all require core muscle activation to keep you stabilized as you perform them, they will be hitting your ab muscles at the same time. This is why you don’t need to spend time each week doing core specific exercises. While you can still do a few to isolate the core and gain further strength, they will not be mandatory to develop a great looking midsection.

Aim to perform these compound exercises at least three days per week for optimal results, taking one day off between sessions. This can either be done as a full body plan or an upper/lower split if you prefer.

Smart Cardio

To your lifting sessions, you’ll also want to consider adding in smart cardio. This does not entail hours spent each week on the cardio machines first thing in the morning.

It’s been shown that intense interval-type sprint training is far more effective for fat burning purposes and to get you to that lean body you’re after. This is the cardio to focus on.

So two to three times per week, spend 15-20 minutes alternating between 20-30 seconds of maximum intensity exercise and 40-60 seconds of lower intensity active rest. Keep alternating between these 6-10 times, adding a warm-up and cool-down to the session.

Choose a mode of cardio that allows you to instantly accelerate to that intense pace such as running sprints (on a track), running stairs, or a bodyweight move such as burpees or even kettlebell swings if you wanted to add a little resistance to it.

Perform this cardio on alternate days as you do your weight lifting workouts, or preferably 6-8 hours before or after the lifting sessions if you must do them on the same day. As both types of workouts will be highly intense, it’s best not to do them in the same session.

Then, if you are going to do any core work in addition to these, try and perform as much variety in terms of your exercise choice as possible in effort to hit the core from all angles. Your ab muscles will be fast to adapt to the stress being placed upon them, so keeping this stress continually changing will be important for ongoing results.

Lifestyle Adjustments

Finally, don’t overlook the role that your lifestyle choices can have on your ability to get a great looking stomach. For instance, lack of sleep will slow your metabolic rate down, induce insulin resistance, and can cause you to crave more carbs than you otherwise would. All three of these factors work directly against your goal of getting leaner.

Likewise, if you are under too much stress and are not using productive stress coping strategies, this can cause you to release excess cortisol in the bloodstream, which then can lead to the loss of lean muscle tissue along with fat accumulation in the abdominal region.

Tending to both of these elements will help maximize your chances of seeing the fast results that you’re looking for.

There you have the main factors that must be in place if you hope to see flat-ab success. If you work hard, stay dedicated, and be patient, you can get the stomach you’re looking for. Just do be aware that since females will tend to store a greater amount of fat in the core region naturally, it may take you some time to get down to body fat levels where you see that definition. Consistency with your program will be key.

Como construir Músculo

Construir msculo você deve ser paciente e seguir algumas regras bem simples. Número um que você deve comer a quantidade adequada de alimentos para crescer. As proteínas são um dos principais alimentos que você pode comer para crescimento muscular. Esses alimentos incluem Frango, carne, peixe e proteínas de soro de leite.

Os suplementos desempenham um outro papel muito importante músculo edifício.

Os exercícios, quando se trata de criar tempo sob tensão muscular é muito importante. Se você deseja construir seu músculo séria muito importante treinar da forma certa. Em primeiro lugar nunca treinar em parte do corpo sem dar-lhe pelo menos 48 horas de descanso entre as partes do corpo. Portanto, se você treina peito na segunda-feira você não sente wan para treinar novamente até quarta-feira ou quinta-feira.

Descanso e recuperação também desempenham um grande papel na construção muscular, com para fora o descanso adequado você será preso girando suas rodas. Sem descanso adequado seu músculo não irá ser capaz de recuperar uma nunca vai crescer.

Forma garantida de construir músculo

Sendo assim, você está olhando para construir alguns graves músculo? Vamos dizer-lhe como em alguns passos simples. Número um é a nutrição e suplementos. Um dos melhores músculo edifício suplementos no mercado hoje é acr aminoácidos de cadeia ramificada. Estes suplemento muscular grave será adicionar como nenhum outro no mercado hoje em dia, quando utilizado corretamente. Utilizando Met-RX BCAA 2200 vai ajudar a manter um balanço positivo de nitrogênio durante a formação e recuperação para ajudar os seus músculos crescem. Não se esqueça de manter sua ingestão de proteínas de 1,5 gramas por quilo de peso corporal durante o uso deste suplemento.

As gorduras são outra parte importante para construir músculo sem o bom consumo de gordura você bem que poderia apenas dar-lhe para cima. Óleo de peixe caps é a melhor maneira de obter o seu consumo de gordura até par. usando este incrível suplemento irá ajudá-lo a construir músculo e realmente torne-se mais enxuto enquanto o faz. Este é um importante complemento para a construção muscular.

O último suplemento, que irá ajudá-lo no pacote da massa é Quik-creta pelo Met-rx. A creatina tem sido em torno de anos e nenhum suplemento no mercado hoje tem sido comprovada como muito como a creatina.

Usando esses 3 suplementos com 3.500 cal por dia dieta e consumir 1,5 gramas de proteína por dia irá ajudar alterar drasticamente a massa muscular em tão pouco quanto 3 semanas.

Você pode obter esses produtos embarcados para o Brasil por um ótimo preço com entrega super rápida. O melhor músculo suplementos edifício entregue à sua porta breve e rápido.

Comprar BCAA 2200

Comprar óleo de peixe

Comprar Quik-Crete

10 Important Reasons Why Women Should Consume Protein

The truth is that women are guilty of choosing that chocolate cake over that juicy porterhouse steak. It’s a fact that women prefer sugary foods and men prefer rich savoury meals. Most women don’t know it but they are actually Iron deficient due to a lack of protein in their diets. The human body needs protein to function properly and so this article is going to provide 10 of the most important reasons why women should consume more protein.

A normal human body requires good fats and carbs for energy; while proteins are an essential contributor for tissue repair and growth. Out of the 20 total amino acids that build proteins, nine of them are essential. “Essential” refers to the fact that these amino acids cannot be produced in the body but only obtained through foods. Protein is especially important for women who exercise regularly. When you workout at the gym, you are tearing down old muscle cells, and to rebuild them again, you have to provide them with sufficient proteins. When your protein intake in high, the amino acids rush to rescue the damaged muscles and repair those tissues, making them bigger and stronger than before.

Increases Muscle Strength and Mass

Protein is the building blocks for muscle. So, consuming more protein will certainly help you in building more muscle. If you are a physically active individual who lifts weights, or you are simply trying to boost your muscle mass and strength, you need to consume enough protein. Consuming a lot of protein will also help in preventing any type of muscle loss when the body goes into a “catabolic” state (muscle break down), like when you are trying to lose weight.

Stabilize Your Energy Levels

If you are constantly famished throughout your day, it means you are probably not consuming enough proteins in your meals. In contrast to carbohydrates, protein requires more time for breaking down and digesting. This process of slow digestion means that you will feel fuller for longer, which will make it easy for you to lose or maintain your bodyweight.

Helps in Effectively Burning More Calories

Protein is the best thermo-genic compared to other foods. The human body uses a lot more energy for processing proteins as compared to digesting carbs and fats. Individuals who consume high amounts of protein throughout the day are more likely to see fat-loss results faster than the ones on a low-protein diet.

Boosts Your Immune System

If you use some whey protein powder along with your regular diet you will be getting more than simply the muscle-building and strength gains. Your body will also be getting an immunity boost. Whey protein is comprised of glutathione, which is a tripeptide that assists in strengthening the immune system.

Great for the Hair and Skin

The body is always being exposed and being damaged by the sun. However by increasing our intake of protein and by using a good sunscreen we can reduce the UV effects. Protein is crucial for regenerating skin cells so that the skin always looks tight, flawless and ageless. Hair benefits from protein in a similar way. Protein fights hair loss and thin hair issues.

Proteins Can Reduce Hunger Levels and Appetite

The 3 macronutrients (fats, protein and carbs) affect the human body in their own ways. Studies suggest that protein is the most filling nutrient by far. It helps you feel fuller for longer. Women looking to lose fat or weight should seriously consider substituting carbohydrates and fats in their diets with protein.

Proteins are important for healthy bones

Our daily protein intake can directly affect the levels of calcium in the body. Protein deficient diets will affect the digestive system, altering absorption of calcium, which will be indirectly taken from the skeletal system. This can lead directly to a loss of bone density in the person’s body. So by eating more protein, women can once again increase their bone density.

Helps fight aging

Through the process of aging, the human body naturally loses muscle mass. To make sure that the aging process does not disturb or disrupt the growth of muscles, women should maintain a high increase of protein, especially from red meat.

Protection from stress

The human body is known to react badly to varying stress levels. This in tern disrupts hormone levels. Consuming more protein can help to maintain these hormone levels during stressful situations and to also help recovery.

Eat It Because It Is Tasty

There are many forms of protein from delicious grilled beef steak, to chocolate protein powder or even organic tofu. There is something to suit everyone’s taste buds. So do not feel guilty for eating extra protein, enjoy!