Prohormones guide and history


Prohormones are compounds that convert to anabolic hormones by enzymes in the stomach. They then enter the body’s bloodstream which then puts the body in an anabolic state depending on the compound. Many of these compounds will have very similar effects as anabolic steroids. Many users experience rapid strength increase, increase in lean muscle and weight gain. In today’s world there are many types of prohormones much different from what most of us remember. Some products available today just simply increase the bodies natural hormone levels. In earlier years many of the products would convert to a anabolic once it was ingested.


Prohormones started showing up in the mid 90s and gained popularity thanks to chemist Patrick Arnold. Arnold created a compound known as androstenedione which became very popular and grabbed the attention of the media pretty early on. One of the biggest stories involved homerun king Mark McGwire. Not only did Mcgwire smashing homeruns catch the eyes of the media it also caught the attention of supplement companies and lawmakers. Soon there were several similar compounds on the market and ready for purchase at any supplement store nationwide. In 2004 President Bush put a ban in place that would be the end of many of the products on the market. Below are the compounds that were popular in the 90s and that are now classified as AAS.

Arnold was responsible for many of the compounds listed above, one of the most popular was 1-ad. This compound was helping many gym goers and bodybuilders easily pack on 20 pounds of lean muscle. This was due to the fact that 1-AD would convert to an anabolic steroid called 1-testosterone giving it the closest effects you could get without using actual AAS products. This product was similar to popular steroids like masteron and winstrol making it a very popular product in the supplement world. This product was removed with the 2004 AAS act that president Bush signed.

How Prohormones Work

So why are these products so popular with people looking to get in shape or build muscle? Its because many of the compounds will deliver results, some work faster than others but most of the time they all deliver the goods. These products work by the effects on androgen receptors, much like anabolic steroids do. When these receptors are high the body will have a higher level of hormones. One of the dominate hormones for muscle growth is testosterone which has been shown as increased when using many of these supplements. Which is why users experience things like increased sex drive, aggresion and strength increase when using these products. Of course they also experience the bad like acne, liver issues and depression in some cases. We don’t recommend using any of these products but if you go this route please do your research.

Prohormones of today

A lot has changed over the years, at one point you could basically buy a bottle of steroids and legally take them. Today laws have put many of those compounds to rest making them a faded memory for bodybuilders of the 90s. Today’s prohormones are much safer, well atleast most of them you will find on the market. Many are made of of compounds called DHEA and have been reformulated to create many different effects. These products are much safer than the products Arnold introduced in the 90s. There are still a few products out there that can cause some serious side effects so be careful and reacher the compounds you are using. So the most common products today are DHEA base. Many companies like Blackstone Labs and Ironmag labs carry these types of products. These compounds can be taken for longer cycles and have less chance of liver issues while taking them. We will take a look at some of these products first.

Many of these products are based off of 1-Andro or 1-DHEA these products have been shown to deliver results in higher dosages. As of 2019 there are several forms of 1-DHEA depending on what you are looking to accomplish with your physique.

The first product with a DHEA base is Irong Mag Labs 1-Andro Rx.

Uses: This is generally used for users wanting to build lean muscle with very little water retention . This will make a great product for someone who want low risk of sides and is looking to cut or build lean muscle.

Side Effects of Ironmag Labs 1 Andro

Acne, possible hair thinning, depression, and aggression


Increased libido, higher hormone levels, increase in strength, Mild Increase muscle and Strength.

This is a great product for people just starting out and looking for an entry level type of pro that doesn’t want to take risk of side effects.

For the next step up we look at a wet compound for beginners looking to add serious mass fast. Ironmag Labs Super 4 Andro.

This is a great product and will help you gain weight fast with very little side effects. However you will tend to hold a little more water with this product.


Increase strength, faster recovery, increased appetite, increased libido and increased muscle growth.

Side Effects:

Acne, aggression, possible hair loss and depression very rare.

This next product is great for someone wanting to take it to the next level but still looking to not risk health. Now we will move to a 4 compound DHEA Andro product that will deliver more mass and muscle growth than the last two products. This is great for moderate prohormone users.

If you have been using these products for awhile this would be the next step in DHEA type of product. This product is the best andro product on the market for results.


Serious Strength Increase, moderate muscle growth, may help reduce fat, increase in libido, increase in muscle hardness.

Side Effects:

Acne, aggression, hair loss, possible liver issues ( I would use a cycle support with this product)

All in all this is a great product for safe muscle gains, it may have some effect on the liver due to four compounds. One thing I did notice was a serious increase in acne when using this product. I also noticed a hardness in muscle and decrease in fat. This is the last step before going to a more harsh product.

Ok these next products are serious muscle building products and should be used with caution.

We will start out with the best entry level products and work our way up to the more advanced products.

Hexadrol is a great prohormone compound that will deliver lean muscle gains with minimum side effects due to its lower toxicity level. Based on the compound hexadrone which is known to have similar effects as halodrol.  This compound is great for reducing estrogen which makes it a great choice to use as a cutter or pre contest. 

I love this product and believe it’s a great replacement to the once so popular Halodrol. This compound alone will deliver similar results seen when using halodrol. Hexadrol D is a two compound product.


Serious increase in muscle, Increase in strength, Increase in protein synthesis and faster recovery times.

Side Effects:

Liver toxic, acne, aggression, loss in libido, increase blood pressure and weakened immune system. 

So here we go its time to get into the heavy hitters, the following prohormones will deliver serious mass and muscle but should only be used by experienced users. 

AAS D6 is probably one of the strongest pros on the market today for the price, if you are looking for a great product on a budget this is the one. I've heard of several people complementing the gains they got from this product. This is pretty much a dry compound but some users may see some water retention depending on your body type. Ive seen it used as a cutter and bulking agent with great sucess. Once again it depends on the body type of the individual using the product. 

Side Effects:

You guessed it when you get more results you also increase the risk of sides. This product shouldnt be ran any longer than 4 weeks. It is a methylated pro so cycle support is a must. 

Discountinued Prohormone:

Here is a list of pros that were once top selling products before the ban of 2014

Superdrol: This compound was one of the most popular of all time and for good reason. This product could pack on some serious mass and do it in a short amount of time. You can currently only find this product on the black market,  I would use caution buying any of the so called superdrol on ebay as they are most likely fake and do not contain methyldrostanolone.  Side Effects: This was probably one of the worst compounds for side effects, not only would it tax your liver but it would leave you feeliing lethargic during a cycle. Acne and unwanted estrogen side effects were also stong when using this compound.

Aug 30, 2019

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