Champion Nutrition Met2 Plain

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Details : MET2, Plain
Dietary Supplement. Metabolol II. Boost energy levels. Improve recovery. Easy-to-digest. Nutrient packed. MET2 is the solution for everyone who seeks a great tasting, high energy nutrient packed, meal supplement. The Metabolic Optimizer. METABOLOL 2 is ideal for anyone looking to improve their nutritional status while increasing energy levels. Developed in 1984 by fitness enthusiast and Champion Nutrition founder Mike Zumpano, METABOLOL 2 delivers a nutritionally balanced meal formula designed to assist your metabolism. Perfect for anyone! METABOLOL 2 is continually used by everyone! From the professional athlete to the fitness enthusiast; from young children to the elderly; from the individual with digestive disorders to those who are too busy to eat three square meals a day. METABOLOL 2 offers the solution in a highly efficient source of all the nutrients that comprise a balanced meal. Only the best! Unlike commercial meal replacement formulas, METABOLOL 2 does not contain refined sugars, fillers, trans-fatty acids or ingredients that may be harmful to your health and peak performance. At Champion Nutrition we believe everyone is entitled to the highest quality nutritional support. Use it anytime! METABOLOL 2 is ideal for boosting your energy levels anytime! Kick start your day with a METABOLOL 2 breakfast shake, use it between meals, use it to power your workouts or anytime you need an efficient and nutritious source of fuel. Dieting or meal replacement. METABOLOL 2 is a calorically efficient food that can help you lose weight without losing muscle mass. Use it to replace your midday meal. For Athletes: Use METABOLOL 2 before and immediately after workouts. Body Wt 90 lbs: 1 scoop; 135 lbs: 2 scoops; 180 lbs: 3 scoops; 225 lbs: 4 scoops; 270 lbs: 5 scoops. (Before and immediately after each workout.) Note: One scoop is approximately 130 calories, so adjust these proportions to your activity level and caloric requirements. Take 1 hour before bed time to minimize the muscle breakdown that occurs during the 7 to 8 hour fast while you sleep. Performance Ingredients: Lactate and MetaCarb Plus help you keep liver energy high at times when your body needs maximum performance; Succinate ETF helps maximize available energy by reducing fatigue and soreness while stabilizing blood sugar levels; Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) for quick energy. MCT's the fatless fat, are immediately available as energy and can't be stored as body fat; Peptol PER4 provides an easy-to-digest protein source which helps speed your recovery; Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) and nitrogen-rich peptides help stimulate protein synthesis, while protecting existing muscle from being used as energy; Meta Vite's exclusive blend of vitamins, minerals and enzymatic co-factors helps support your metabolism allowing you to perform at your very best. All Tryptophan in this product occurs as a natural constituent of the proteins. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food border-collapse:collapse; width:320px'>Nutrition FactsServing Size : 2 scoops Servings Per Container : 15 Amount Per ServingServing% Daily ValuePotassium220.0 mg6%Total Carbohydrate39.0 g13%Sugars5.0 g - Protein21.0 g42%Vitamin A5000.0 IU100%Vitamin C60.0 mg100%Calcium400.0 mg40%Iron10.0 mg56%Vitamin D400.0 IU100%Vitamin E30.0 IU100%Thiamin2.9 mg190%Riboflavin2.6 mg152%Niacin19.0 mg95%Vitamin B62.3 mg115%Vitamin B1212.0 mcg200%Biotin300.0 mcg100%Pantothenic Acid10.0 mg100%Phosphorus100.0 mg10%Iodine83.0 mcg55%Magnesium200.0 mg100%Zinc15.0 mg100%Selenium52.0 mcg74%Copper2.6 mg130%Manganese4.8 mg130%Chromium310.0 mcg258%Molybdenum258.0 mcg344%Folate (Folic Acid)400.0 mvg100%Calories260.0 - Calories from Fat25.0 - Total Fat2.5 g4%Saturated Fat1.0 g5%Trans Fat0.0 g - Cholesterol10.0 mg3%Sodium220.0 mg9%
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