Chaos Prohormone

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Xcel Sports Nutrition Chaos Prohormone supplement will build SERIOUS MUSCLE!

 Notice you are buying M-Mass not Chaos

Chaos is now gone but we hav M-Mass the closet thing on the market to Chaos at this time!!


Get it now it wont be here for long!!




Chaos contains three main ingredients to put on mass, Cyanostane (alteration of Superdrol compound), DMZ (dry gains, non estrogenic) and 5a-Hydroxy (similar to Anavar, but without the sides). With these ingredients you will notice rapid size and strength increases with minimal to no side effects with proper liver support throughout your cycle as well as proper PCT.

All the Power and Strength Size you have Been wanting 

Cynstant 20mg
DMZ        15mg
5A-Hydroxy 20mg
Carbopol     20mg time release agent
This prohormone supplement is great for someone looking to add extreme mass and serious size!!
Tired of going to the gym and not being able to break a record in the gym and not getting any stronger?
If you answered yes then Xcel Chaos is the PHS for you this supplement will make you strong!
Please check with your doctor before using this product!
Please use a liver gaurd and pct with this product!

Great product for fast weight gain in lean muscle!

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