Top 5 Cutting Prohormones

Top 5 Cutting Prohormones

Top 5 Cutting Prohormones

With all of the prohormones on the market today it's hard to determine which ones work the best for what you want to do. Here we will list the top PHS for getting cut and building lean muscle.

Here are the top 5 cutting prohormones for building lean muscle and burning fat.


THP Anabolic Shred is our first choice for a perfect muscle enhancer for burning fat and building lean muscle. 

Anabolic shred is a lot like the steroids Winstrol and Anavar which are two of the most popular cutting steroids in bodybuilding today.  Anabolic Shred uses Furazan and Epistane making thi a high powered supplement for promoting lean muscle and burning fat.



Tren Fx Sculptor it's really hard to pick Anabolic Shred over this because both of these supplements work really well. 

This is a great product for building lean muscle and speeding up metabolic rate.

Tren Fx Sculptor contains two very powerful compounds Trendione 15mg and Furazan (Orastan A). Trendione converts to the famous bodybuilding steroid Trenbolone which is known for promoting lean muscle mass. Trendione is still legal in the United States because it converts to Trenbolone after it enters the blood stream. Furazan or Orastan A is in the winstrol family. Winstrol has been used by bodybuilders for years to get in freaky lean condition.



EPI-Plex BY HardRock Labs is a great pro-hormone supplement to help promote lean muscle. We picked Epi-Plex at number 3 because we feel it's one of the purest epistane clones on the market today. This product works great with a good bodybuilding diet high in protein and clean carbohydrates.



Xcel's Razor DX Pro is a great cutter due to the Furazan which is stacked with DMZ a serious lean muscle building compound. This PHS will add muscle size with lean muscle and very little water retention.



Xcel Reaper is probably the strongest of all the cutting prohormones we carry. It would also be number one on our list if we felt it was a good product for everyone to take. We feel that Reaper is a pro-hormone that should be used by advanced users only. This is the only reason for this product being number five on our list.


All of the products listed above are serious anabolic supplements and should be used with proper liver protection and post cycle therapy supplements.

If your considering running one of these cutting prohormones you may want to pick up a joint product. Many of these compounds have been shown to cause joint pain during a cycle.

One of our favorite joint supplements for this problem is Animal flex.


 Any of the prohormones above will work great for promoting lean hard muscle and aid in fat loss!!





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