Dymethazine Info

Dymethazine, also known as mebolazine, was put on the market by iForce Nutrition back in 2009, but even though it was generally legal, it was taken off the market. There were some clones that came out as well, after the FDA took action. Dymethazine also goes by DMZ too. It's becoming very well-known in the prohormone world because of its rapid gains in strength and mass and its effectiveness. A lot of people novices in prohormones are still unfamiliar with Dymethazine.


There is an amazing molecular structure to this compound, and it lets you harness the power of one of the best anabolic:androgenic ratios ever known to man. It has a great myotropic effect that's better than a number of other ones. It's not only been shown to have one of the strongest PH's ever made, but it's also one of the strongest compounds that's ever been manufactured. Plus, there are estrogen-related side effects either. There are additional studies that show it might not be anywhere near as suppressive as some of the other compounds on the market either.


Dymethazine is almost identical to Superdrol, but it's two, instead one, superdrol molecules that are attached to one another. You might be thinking that Dzine is two times as powerful, but that's not true. Your stomach acid will separate out these molecules before they get absorbed so it's just one molecule with a couple of pathways. However, even though there's this difference, Superdrol is still the more powerful of the two compounds.


One user reported that he gained over ten pounds in one week and that it was one of the most potent products he's tried in a long while. He said that there were no side effects either, at least as far as an acne increase, enhanced hair loss, or back pumps. He also had a strong sex drive throughout, and there was no decrease in it like some bodybuilding supplements can cause.


Another user said he had been on it for ten days, and that he was up nine pounds after a week, and he was seeing increased strength gains as well. He said that the product was really starting to kick in as soon as he started lifting.


Another guy said that he has been lifting his entire life, and he thinks that this thing has to be some type of steroid. He said that it also increased his sex drive. This user said that there was no mood change or acne either. He did say that his balls shrunk in size though, so that's a pretty potent side effect, but it was only when he got off of it.


Some people are against this product because they say that it's a kind of designer steroid. One user reported negative side effects that he became very tired, and that his urine changed color, and that it became a much darker color. He thought that there might be something wrong. He might have needed to go to the doctor because it could have indicated liver and kidney problems. That is a very serious side effect.


The side effects of this product seem mild compared to Superdrol. If you're against trying Superdrol, but want something that's powerful, then try this one. It's not going to disappoint you