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Epistane Info For Muscle Growth

 Epistane Info

Epistane has been called the next generation of hormone. If that's not enough to get your motor running, then you're not serious about getting big and buff fast. For those of you that are, let's read a little bit more about the benefits and side effects of this supplement.

 Epi is an oral anabolic designer steroid, and it was first brought to the market by a supplement company called RPN, and their product name was referred to as "Havoc". It was also sold by IBE, and was called "Epistane", and then it was sold by Spectra Force, and they referred to it as "Hemaguno". It is very anabolic, and it pretty androgenic as well. This is one of the stronger over-the-counter compounds. Many bodybuilders loved these supplements and would couldn't wait to purchase them from there local supplement store. These were great times being able to drive to a local store and buy an effective oral steroid that would deliver serious results in lean muscle growth.

 This supplement is legal, and you can purchase it from a number of supplement companies. It should be used like any ordinary steroid. Just because you can purchase it in stores, doesn't mean you should take it when you're 17 years old and 120 lbs. This is powerful stuff. That should get you excited if you're serious about packing on the muscle, though. Sorry everyone this article was written before the Steroid act of 2014 and products like Havoc are no longer legal in the United States. There are still some prohormones out there that will give you the same effect as Epi, EPI-Andro is a popular lean muscle builder that will deliver the same type of results that the old compound use to deliver.  The cool thing about the new compound is its not a methylated steroid so its much easier on the liver.

 What are the benefits of Epi? A lot of people experience rapid muscle gain when they're on this. Most people who've never used it will say that they get very positive effects. It's a great anti-estrogen too.

 Epistane actually blocks the effects of estrogen in the body, and this estrogen-blocking feature makes this product a great lean muscle gainer. Even though it's a "dry" compound, it's so potent that you can use it by itself when you're doing a bulking cycle.

 This product also has a great effect on mood, and it can impart a feeling of well-being when you're on the cycle. Taking a dose of Epistane, pre-workout, has been known to produce positive effects in terms of training intensity, pumps, and aggression.

 What are the side effects of this compound? Epi is a potent steroid, and it comes with a long list of side effects. It can cause like liver stress like other supplements like Superdrol, and you might want to take some kind of liver support when you're on this compound. You might also feel "achy" or dry joints sometimes. You might want to counteract this with a small dose of DHEA.

 Epistane can also cause some painful pumps and cramps, particularly in the legs and calves. We recommend using fish oil with this product to help with the cramps and painful pumps. The new compound that is being used to replace this product EPI-Andro does not have a lot of these side effects making it a better product for lean muscle gains. The old school EPI has also been shown to cause hair loss. It really seems like painful "dry" joints are one of the worst symptoms of Epistane, and it can be eased away by combining this with a "wet" prohormone. The 17aMethyl can cause a little liver stress, but the weak effect of this compound seems to make this a little bit less of an issue compared to other methylated steroids.epistane

 If you're serious about rapid weight gain and strength-building, then this is a potent supplement.