Gaspari Halodrol

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Halodrol By Gaspari Nutrition

Warning Extreme Potency Be sure to use a cycle support!!

The king of prohromones is back and badder than ever, are you ready to pack on some serious muscle mass? Halodrol is the strongest bulking prohormone on the market today!! Get this product before the FDA removes it once again!

Gaspari Nutrition® changed the supplement industry forever when it released HALODROL-50™, a potent anabolic that was legal only due to legislative loopholes that have since been closed by government agencies. While many believed the days of prohormones were gone forever, Gaspari Nutrition® is here to say…THEY’RE BACK!

HALODROL™ is back and it’s better than ever! While many will tell you prohormones are banned, the truth is that Gaspari Nutrition® has been working diligently with leading endocrinologists to develop & patent the most powerful hormonal agents ever found in nature…and they’re 100% LEGAL!

HALODROL™ is the ultimate mass gainer and prohormone:
•    4 Potent Prohrmones
•    Converts to 1-Testosterone, 200% as anabolic as natural Testosterone!
•    Increases Protein Synthesis for RAPID Gains
•    Dual Phase Delivery System for Unparalleled Bioavailability & Avsorption



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    Posted by Jack on Jun 04, 2020

    Great serviced received my product right away. Excited to see what kind of gains I get from taking this.

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