Gat Jetfuel Accelerator

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Details : Accelerator, 120 Capsules
Flexible AM/PM use. Appetite regulator support. With saffron, Hoodia border-collapse:collapse; width:320px'>Nutrition FactsServing Size : 3 Capsules Servings Per Container : 40 Amount Per ServingServing% Daily ValueNiacin40.0 mg200%Vitamin B610.0 mg500%Jetfuel Appetite-Regulation Support Actives550.0 mg - Jetfuel Pro-Lipolytic Support Actives170.0 mg - Jetfuel Oil-Infused Rapid Delivery System120.0 mg - Proprietary BlendsJetfuel Appetite-Regulation Support ActivesGamma-trimethyl-beta-acetylbutyrobetaine, bilineurine bitartrate, hoodia gordonii proprietary blend [Hoodia gordonii 20:1 cactus extract, Hoodnia gordonii powder], mucuna pruriens seed extract (50% l-dopa), non-GMO crocus sativus (saffron) stigma extract (NLT 1.34% safranal by UV-Vis and providing crocin and picocrocin).Jetfuel Pro-Lipolytic Support ActivesRaspberry ketones, commiphora mukul stem and resin (NTL 99% guggulsterones), resveratrol, capsocum frutrscens fruit extract (60,00 heat units)Jetfuel Oil-Infused Rapid Delivery SystemSodium starch glycolate (Explotab), medium-chain triacylglycerols (MCTs), xanthaurine, naringoside
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