Muscle Building Bible

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Muscle Building Bible

The muscle Building Bible by Muscle Freaks Nutrition will cover all the basics of building muscle. If you are looking to grow like never before the info in this muscle building bible is for you. We will cover basic supplements, weight lifting, diet and day to day living as a bodybuilder.

This great e book has tons of information on steroids and prohormone cycles.

Supplement profiles what works and what doesn’t work.

This book will also come with a one year week to week workout program designed for you that will help you focus on your weak body parts. Each purchase will be custom to fit your individual needs. Once you purchase the Muscle Building Bible you will receive an email asking for recent photos of yourself so we can determine which plan will work the best for you.

Once we receive your info we will send you the first week of workouts along with a suggested diet that will help you grow to you maximum potential. We also send you a list of supplements that will best fit your needs that are tailored to fit the info on your registration form.

Benefits of this product:
Extreme Muscle Growth

Understanding supplements

Weekly Workout program

Weekly meal plan

Have you been training without seeing results? Most likely you are missing one of the key steps to building muscle. Let our experienced body builders help you meet your goals and build the muscle you have always wanted.

Protein is one of the most important parts of building muscle, without the proper amounts of protein you will be stuck in a rut without any new muscle growth. This is one of the main steps we will cover with you once you purchase this program.

Been thinking of running a prohormone cycle? In this muscle building bible we will cover a prohormone cycle that will best fit your needs to help you achieve the gains you are trying to accomplish.

Trying to build muscle naturally? No problem we will help you pick the proper supplements and give you a workout program and diet that will best fit a natural bodybuilder.

We will cover everything in this great program that will help you build muscle or get ready to get on the stage. Each program will fit the customer’s needs and wants. Get ready to be bigger stronger and faster with the Muscle Freaks Nutrition Muscle Building Bible.

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