Muscletech Mission1 Cookies & Cream

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Details : Mission1, Cookies me cookies for the ultimate flavor experience that will satisfy even your most extreme sweet tooth! Plus, Cookies and Cream Mission1 Clean Protein Bars are packed with 21g of protein and 17g of fiber leaving you with a euphoric combination of flavor and nutrition that no other protein bar can beat! This incredible bar features 21g of only high-quality, micro-filtered 100% isolate protein from whey and milk with no inferior sources like gelatin or collagen. You also get 17g of healthy fiber with only 5g net carbs. Cookies and Cream Mission1 Clean Protein Bars are sweetened with stevia. You can trust that every delicious bite has no artificial flavors or colors just clean, premium nutrition that never tasted so good!

Manufacturer : MuscleTech

Flavor : Cookies border-collapse:collapse; width:320px'>Nutrition FactsServing Size : 1 bar Servings Per Container : 12 Amount Per ServingServing% Daily ValueCalories200.0 - Calories from Fat60.0 - Total Fat7.0 g11%Saturated Fat2.5 g13%Cholesterol5.0 mg2%Sodium180.0 mg8%Total Carbohydrate22.0 g7%Dietary Fiber17.0 g68%Sugar1.0 g - Protein21.0 g42%
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