Natural Strength M-1

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Natural Strength M-1 Testosterone Supplement

Natural Strength M-1 is a high powered test booster that will pack on some serious size like most of Xcel’s prohormones. But this isnt a designer steroid like Xcel’s other products and is pro-hormone free. The compound 5A-Hydroxy Laxogenin has the properties and promotes muscle growth like an anabolic prohormone but without the sides or testing positive. Xcel hit a home run when they brought out their Natural Strength supplement last year. Now they have made a good muscle enhancer even better with Natural Strength M-1 Alpha Male by adding several compounds that are proven to raise testosterone levels and build muscle. If you’re a natural athlete looking to add size and strength to your physique this amazing workout supplement is for you. Start destroying the gym and the bodybuilding stage today with Xcel’s all new Natural Strength Testosterone supplement available now from your number one Supplement Shop Muscle Freaks Nutrition.



Increase Libido

Increase Strength

Increase Muscle Fullness

Increase Lean Muscle Mass


Supplement Facts:

Serving Size 3 Capsuls

Servings Per Container 30

5A-Hydroxy Laxogenin 70mg

20 Beta-ecdysterone 70mg

7 Keto 40mg

Long Jack 150mg

Tribulus Terrestris 800mg

Carbopol 20mg


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