Prohormones Everything You need to know


So here we go again time to talk about prohormones, the problem with this subject is there is so much bad information out there. The top 10 articles on google have no idea what a prohormone is or what they are even talking about. Here is the issue now a days there really isnt any real pros available on the market thanks to the ban of 2014. The next issue is these products can range from something like superdrol to dhea one is not bad for you and the other is very liver toxic. This is where the top 10 articles on google have it wrong, the term prohormone is just a meaning of a style of supplement. Not all prohormones are bad for you or classified as steroids, now there was a time that everything in this class was either a strong or mild type of steroid.

In this post I will spend sometime going through the different compounds of what is classified or currently called a prohormone. If you have any questions regarding any of the compounds below please reply to this post and we will answer them right away. We do have all comments needing approval first so you may not see your post right away.


Androstenedione put prohormones on the map when famous baseball homerun hitter Mark McGwire was caught using them this compound in the late 90s. Later it was found that McGwire was using several performance inhancing compounds to achieve his home run record. Androstenedione is now classiefied as a controled substance which happened in January of 2005, in the Anabolic Control Act of 2004. This compound was known for increasing testosterone levels and helping athletes recover faster from exercise and training. It will never really be known on how much it played a part in McGwires results as home run king since he was stacking this substence with other compounds such as GH. Most bodybuilders and athletes took this enhancing drug by mouth in doses of 100mg to 400mg a day. It is shown that this drug will help increase sexual desire, help with red blood cell health and increase energy. It isnt known for largely increasing muscle mass. Leaving one to beleave that must of McGwires performance came from the use of GH. The main problem with Andro is its taken orally meaning it has to pass through the bodies organs before entering the blood stream, this can cause serious damage to the liver and other organs. Some of the sides of this compound are as follows Low sperm production, change in aggresson, prolonged ererctions, heart disease, acne and bitch tits. Women using this product could see balding, facial hair, abnormal minstral cycles and other masculine traits women hate. The two biggest side effects to watch fro are Prostate cancer and Liver Failure when using these products. Using Androstenedione migh help the growth of prostate tumor growth. This compound will also increase estrogen which is where the old side effect bitch tits comes from, when the body start making too much estrogen one of the side effect is


Halodrol was one of the most popular prohormones for sale in the late 2000s before the pro-hormone ban of 2014. This compound was made popular by Rich Gaspari and Gaspari Nutrition. This product gained popularity for its ability to build lean muscle with very little water bloat. This product became very popular on the bodybuilding stage as many loved the dry lean gains they recieved from using this compound. The major issue with halodrol is that its an oral compound which means it passes through the bodies liver and organs and my cause liver issues.


Probably one of the most popular prohormones eight to ten years ago, people were popping these pills like tic-tacs. This compound begain gaining popularity due to its ability to increase muscle mass very quickly. What people failed to realize is that most of the gains were just water retention and bloat. This compound also known as methyldrostanolone or oral masteron was considered a wet compound meaning it will increase estrogen in the human body also causing you to hold water. This compound is known for being very toxic to the liver causing severe liver damage if used incorectly. The chemical name for this compound is 2α,17α-dimethyl-5α-dihydrotestosterone and is now considered a banned substance within the United States. I strongly recommend staying clear of this product number one its illegal and seconly its very hard on the liver. Note to consumers there is a product out there by Hi-Thech that is not Superdrol its a DHEA based andro product. It will deliver some benefits but its not in the same class as the orginal Superdrol. This product would fall under the new pros after the ban of 2014.


  1. What kind of support should I use when taking Metha Quad Extreme? Also how long can I take this product at one time?

    1. musclefreaksnutrition

      Hi Jim,
      You can take that product for up to 8 weeks with no issues. I would suggest using milk thistle with this product. Its not really needed but I always suggest using a liver shield with any nutritional supplements.

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