Amino Acids

 Amino Acid Supplements

This is one of the most important products on the market today when it comes to building muscle.

By taking amino acids during training you can preserve your precious lean muscle and let you’re body trim the fat instead of the muscle. For that reason, these supplements are often taken during a workout in order to give your body the nutrients that it needs during training. These products can also help with your body’s recovery after a workout, meaning that you can hit the gym faster and harder the next day.

Great for: Muscle Mass, Post workout recovery, lean muscle and protecting muscle during exercise.

Amino Acid BCAA Powder

Get your daily dose of BCAAs in a great tasting powder drink. Some of these products taste just like Kool aid which makes a great intra-workout drink.

Amino Acid Pills

Muscle Freaks Nutrition has a full line up of Branch Chain Amino Acids in Pill form. Also stocking a full lineup of other Amino supplements in pill form if you are tired of drinking powders.


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