I-Procreate PCT – Testosterone Booster


I-Procreate PCT – Testosterone Booster



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I Procreate PCT BY XCD Nutrition

Don’t waste your hard earned money by not running a PCT after your prohormone cycle is over. This could mean several things, loss of libido, strength decrease, depression, loss of gains and the list goes on. XCD Nutrition has delivered a well rounded PCT / Testbooster. Here at Muscle Freaks Nutrition we are big belivers in DHEA andro products, not so much as prohormone cycles but for Post Cycle Recovery. So XCD delivered with a PCT that has DHEA built into it. As a PCT DHEA is perfect to help restore lost hormones due to a steroid or prohormone cycle.

So, what makes this thing so damn powerful?

The building blocks of anabolic hormones such as testosterone, DHEA (technically a pro-hormone) is naturally produced in the body to synthesise into a host of different compounds.
The claimed benefits of DHEA are very broad but the main benefit of it in Procreate is its testosterone boosting properties.
Higher testosterone can help with mood, strength, muscle gain, sex drive, metabolism, cognitive function.
Testosterone is not the evil; poison regular society would have you believe. It is the essence of the high functioning male.
7 8 Benzoflavone
Is a synthetic flavone derivative that acts as a powerful aromatase inhibitor. When testosterone levels are high your goes through a process called aromatization where excess testosterone is converted into estrogen.
7 8 Benzoflavone is a double edge sword, preventing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen which means more free testosterone along with less total estrogen.
Pregnenolone is a potent Neurosteroid that is naturally produced from cholesterol in the body. Pregnelone has a positive effect on mood, stress reduction & can also enhance deep sleep thus improving Growth Hormone secretion.
Pregnenolone is another precursor to many other steroid hormones.
I-Pro Create is essentially a night time formula & what night time formula would be complete without the king of sleep compounds, Zinc, Monomethoinine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate & Pyrioxine HCL
(Vitamin B6).
ZMA is one of the most researched supplements on the market today & has been shown time & time again to improve REM sleep.
Good sleep is essential for stable brain function, ideal hormone levels, stress reduction & tissue recovery.

We put it in the testosterone formula to be kin of like the cherry on top of this potent

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