Transform Forged – Liver Support

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Transform Forged – Liver Support

$31.99 $21.99



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Liver and Cycle Support Transform Forged

If you are taking any kind of Pre-workout, fat burner or Prohormone supplement we strongly suggest using some type of liver support. Many of todays supplements can tax the liver slowing down it natural production. This can lead to many unwanted side effects such as unwanted fat storage, fatiuge and poor immune system. Using a supplement like Transform’s Forged will help you keep your liver functioning and pumping like it needs to . This is important to building a lean muscular physique and is often over looked. If your liver isnt functioning normal you wont get a ripped muscular look period.

Starting with N-acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) was a no-brainer. This is what is given to poison victims to protect their livers, and it has been well accepted by the medical community as a very powerful antioxidant. It should go without saying that antioxidants are crucial in preventing damage done to the body by free radicals. Free radicals often arise when compounds are detoxified. Though, what often isn’t talked is that our bodies make some antioxidants, and others we can only get from the foods we eat, especially fruits and vegetables. And while most of these have yet been classified as essential, as vitamins, it may only be because enough studies haven’t been done yet. But who knows how much those antioxidants you may not be getting enough of have an effect on preventing diseases like cancer and the effects of old age. In addition to NAC we selected several other powerful antioxidants that have been studied specifically for their beneficial effect on the liver. Milk thistle has been demonstrated in studies to reduce liver inflammation and improve liver function in patients with liver disease. Another antioxidant we included was the herb Astragalus, a type of bean that has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. Among its many curative properties, the Chinese used this for treating the liver. Research in the past decade has focused on its effect on the liver, fighting viral infections, and its role in the treatment of cancer. Interestingly an extract has been shown to prevent the shortening of telomeres, which are the ca


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