Silver Bullet Pre workout

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Nitrox Silver Bullet is a pre-workout product made for the extreme athlete wanting extreme results. Nitrox Silver Bullet contains a plethora of muscle building ingredients including creatine, beta alanine, citrulline, caffeine, leucine and others. These are common to many pre-workout supplements for a reason, they work! Nitrox Silver Bullet separates from the competition by the other ingredients that are included. Xcel Sports Nutrition added DMAA to give athletes unrivaled increases in energy and focus during workouts. They don’t stop there however. Unlike any other pre-workout supplement, Nitrox Silver Bullet includes a powerful muscle builder, 1-androsterone. This ingredient has been shown to increase testosterone levels without raising estrogen levels. This means athletes can make freaky improvements in muscle size and strength without many of the side effects of certain pro hormones or anabolic steroids! Why buy a pre-workout that only uses caffeine and a couple cheap ingredients when you buy a product that is jam packed with ingredients to get you bigger and leaner faster than the competition?


The only pre workout with 150mg of andro

This stuff will give you a workout like you have never seen before!! If your looking for crazy strength insane pumps and freaky vascularity this product is for you!

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