Supplement Reviews

Supplement Reviews


Here we will list what we think of certain supplements on the market today. We will cover how they performe, taste, how easy they are to swollow and of course results.


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  • Optimum Nutrition...

    Supplement Review Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre

    By Andrew Pardue


        I normally don’t use pre workouts supplements but between college classes, a job, training clients and training for my next show some days I wake up and feel like I have nothing left in the tank. I recently got a couple pre workout samples that I use on “rainy days” to give me the extra boost I need to get through tough morning workouts. I recently had a day like this and thought it was a good time to break out my ON Platinum Pre samples to try.


        The directions say to take 1-2 scoops approximately 20-40 minutes before a workout. I decided to start with 1 serving since I don’t normally use pre-workouts.  I took it 30 minutes before I started lifting (Before driving to the gym and warming up). 15-20 minutes after consuming I could feel my energy begin to go through the roof. I was ready to kill my leg workout and felt great overall.


    Side Effects

        Since ON Platinum Pre contains beta-alanine you can expect the typical beta-alanine tingles. I personally had my tingles in my mouth, more specifically my tongue.  I also felt a slight burning sensation in my mouth. While this sounds really unpleasant it was more like eating a spicy piece of gum. This only lasted a few minutes and wasn’t nearly enough to deter me from using again or recommending to people. Also these effects can differ from person to person so I wouldn’t worry too much about this aspect.



        The flavor of my sample was Super Fruit. The direction say to mix one serving with 6-10oz of water. I once again met in the middle and used 8oz. Using 8oz still gave a pretty strong flavor. Obviously if you like a more tame taste I would suggest adding around 10oz. I was happy with the flavor and with the fact that didn’t have to take it like a shot just to get it down like other pre-workouts.



        Platinum Pre gave me amazing increases in energy and focus. I will without a doubt use this product again and was very happy with it overall.  I took this supplement on a day that I would have normally had to drag myself through my workout to finish a very challenging leg day. Instead I had an amazing workout with plenty of energy throughout the entire time at the gym.


    Crash Test

        Since Platinum pre contained caffeine I was a little concerned that I would end up crashing right before my summer classes that begin soon after I leave the gym. I am writing this about an hour after my workout and I still feel great other than the normal fatigue from a hard leg workout. ON Platinum Pre gave me plenty of energy without causing me to crash and feel bad after lifting. Anyone wanting to avoid a crash after using a pre-workout should definitely look into buying this supplement.  


    Bottom Line

        The bottom line is without a doubt I loved this pre-workout and would recommend it to anyone wanting an extra boost in energy without a bad taste or crash.


  • Dymatize Elite Gourmet...

    Dymatize Protein Supplement Review

    Elite Gourmet Swiss Chocolate review


    I love Dymatize gourmet protein. It has a great taste, no clumping. The only downside is that it does have a little grittiness to it but nothing horrible.

    A 5lb container of protein powder has 61 servings with only 9g of carbohydrates. Each scoop has 140 calories, 21 grams of protein and 4g of sugar.

    Elite gourmet is a blend of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate with fiber and BCAAs.


    Overall I give this powder a 7 out of 10 for a great taste, exceptional value and servings per container.

  • BSN Amino X Supplement...

    BSN Amino X Review

    I used Amino X as an intra workout supplement. I felt like I had endurance and stamina while using it. I love BCAA products and normally like to stick to straight powder VS. a drink mix. This is one pre made blend I didn’t mind at all. It had a great taste, goes down smooth with no grittiness at all

    Overall I like this product and felt that it gave me the extra edge during training.

    I give this supplement a 6 out of 10. This grade comes from the great taste and smoothness. I do feel it lacks in value as far as servings goes. You can get more bang for your buck with a straight BCAA powder.

  • Gaspari Nutrition...

    Gaspari Nutrition Superpump Max Supplement Review

    By:Andrew Pardue




        I decided to take Superpump Max after a few days of feeling under the weather. I had a few nights with little sleep and was beginning to feel the effects from it. Even though I was feeling bad, I had a deadlift PR to hit during my morning workout so I decided to get some help from this pre workout.


        The directions suggest using 1 scoop during the first two or three times of taking it, then to use 2-3 scoops as needed. Since I don’t use pre workouts very often I stuck with the suggested 1 scoop. After 20-30 minutes I began to feel my energy increase and I didn’t notice myself feeling as bad as before. I got to the gym ready to hit my PR goal and focused on my workout instead of the fact that I was feeling bad. I was successful in hitting my PR goal and even surpassed it.


    Side Effects


        I didn’t notice any side effects with Superpump Max. It doesn’t contain beta alanine so you don’t have to worry about getting the famous tingles. Even though beta alanine is a proven supplement, it can be taken at any time during the day so that fact that Superpump Max doesn’t include this isn’t a big deal.




        I used raspberry lemonade and thought it was pretty accurate. The flavor wasn’t overbearing so it was easy to drink. I used 8oz of water with mine and felt it was a proper amount for one scoop.




        When I explain the effects of Superpump Max to people I describe it as bringing me back to normal. Since I only take it when I feel really bad or tired, it seems to get me back to how I perform when I’m well rested and fired up to lift. I like this because I don’t feel over stimulated but I can still kill my workout. If you are looking for crazy increases in energy I would look into other pre workouts like ON Platinum Pre etc. This may affect other people different that use pre workouts on days they feel good in the first place.


    Crash Test


        I didn’t feel a crash after my workout, but shortly after finishing I felt myself slowly come back to how I felt before taking it. Since I’m under the weather I may feel a bigger drop in energy than someone in good health.


    Bottom Line


        At the end of the day I like using Superpump Max. I got just enough energy to kill my workout and get the job done. At 40 servings per container it’s also a very good price for a well-rounded pre workout supplement.


  • Pro Supps Chocolate...

    Pro Supps 100% Whey Isolate Review

    BY Andrew Pardue


    Macronutrient Profile

    One reason I decided to buy this particular protein powder was the macros it had. Pro Supps Chocolate 100% Whey Isolate has 0 grams of fat, 0 grams of carbohydrates, and 20 grams of quality whey protein isolate in each serving. I loved this because whether I’m in my growing season or cutting for a show it allows me to save my fat and carbs for my whole food meals at other times throughout the day. In addition to that having a protein powder low in fat helps increase digestion rate which is important post-workout.


    The taste is very consistent with the label. I always buy chocolate or other related favors in protein powders so I’ve had my share of both good and bad tasting protein powders. Pro Supps’ chocolate tastes very good and even reminds me of the cocoa used to make hot chocolate. It’s also great mixed with oats which I tend to eat as a meal replacement or before bed.


    This product mixes very well with water which is what I normally mix protein powders with. Although I don’t know how it mixes with milk etc. I’m almost certain it will mix great in anything.


    Pro Supps 100% Whey Isolate may be a little more expensive than other protein powders at first glance but with 87 servings it comes out to just $0.69 cents per scoop! The quality, taste, and servings in each container make this one of the best protein powders I’ve used.

  • EXT GO Pre-workout Review

    EXT GO Pre-workout Review By Andrew Pardue


    Effectiveness 5/10

    I was a little disappointed with the effectiveness of GO. I was running on 4 hours of sleep and facing a heavy pull workout and needed a solid energy boost. I seemed to have more energy when I began my workout but not enough to really attribute it to the supplement. I didn't notice much in terms of a pump increase either. It's good to note that I ate around 15 minutes before drinking it which can decrease the effectiveness of some pre-workouts. Also I have had to use pre-workouts recently so my tolerance may have just increased from the other products I’ve used lately.

    Taste 7/10

    I tried the fruit punch flavor. It wasn't hard to get down; no taking a shot or plugging my nose etc. but I wasn't really impressed with it compared to other pre-workouts I've used.

    Crash Test 10/10

    I didn’t experience any sort of crash since my energy levels weren’t extremely high during the workout anyway.

    Bottom Line 6/10

    GO is a decent pre-workout but I will likely be using others in the future.

  • VPX Friction Review

    Since I had to wake up at 4:45am to workout before a crazy busy day I decided to break out a sample of VPX Friction pre-workout to get me going before my workout.



    I tried the grape and I can say the taste was spot on. The only thing that may be a detractor for some people is the slight grittiness from the large amount of creatine each serving contains. Aside from that it's likely one of the best tasting pre-workouts I've had. The grittiness wasn't at all bad enough to make the taste bad.

    Ingredient profile

    Althought the energy and focus effects were minimal Friction's ingredient  profile is pretty impressive. Unlike many products this has a full 5g of creatine and over 3g of beta alanine, both the clinical dosage. This is a lot better than a lot of products.  Frictions relies mainly of the 400g of caffeine for energy which I'm not really a big fan of. For most people the caffeine content won't be a big deal, but it's suggested not to exceed 1 scoop.


    I was honestly very  disappointed in the effect Friction had one my workout. Even with the 400mg of caffeine I felt no improvement in my energy level. Being up early and having a lot to do it really let me down.  

    Crash Test

    Since my energy level didn't seem to increase I obviously didn't have any type of crash. I am however extremely sleepy today due to lack of sleep from a busy day along with the ineffectiveness of Friction to give me added energy.


    Bottom Line

    At the end of the day I won't personally be buying any VPX Friction in the future. Several pre-workout products have made a lot of progress in the last few years so customers can likely have a better experience with other products.

  • ALR Chain’d Out BCAA...

    ALR Chain’d Out BCAA Review By Andrew Pardue


    Muscle Freaks Nutrition was awesome enough to send over the ALR Chain'd Out BCAA powder this month, and just in time! Since I was running low on my bcaas I was even more excited to try a new brand. Before I get into the review I should say that I've been a diehard user of Scivation Xtend for over a year so I've been used to the texture and taste of that and have had to get used to using something different.



    Let's go ahead and go over one of the biggest determining factors in you guys buying this, how it tastes. I used this product for a few days before writing this review to give myself time to get used to it. Chain'd out is a little less sweet than Scivation Xtend which is known for being a sweet tasting bcaa powder. Personally liking a sweeter taste, Chain'd Out takes a little getting used to. I would say it has a slightly bitter taste. Chain'd out also has a little more grittiness to it. I would compare it to drinking a shake that had creatine in it. I got the berry-banana flavor and I think it was pretty accurate. I still prefer Xtend's flavor but this wasn't bad.



    Just like Xtend, Chain'd Out has 7,000mg of branch chain amino acids. It's also in the 2:1:1 ratio that's been proven to be extremely effective. Since obviously the BCAA content is what we buy this product for, I was really glad to see this. This product has several other herbal ingredients including Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Apple Peel extract, and a few others. Rhodiola Rosea Extract is said to improve endurance and from what little I was able to see, Apple Peel Extract works as an antioxidant. I haven't seen or hear of much research on these ingredients so I can’t honestly speak to their efficacy. However for the same price as Scivation Xtend and for the same cost, you won't be getting cheated if you decide to try it out. Some of you reading this may have more knowledge on these ingredients and can make a more informed decision.


    Bottom Line

    At the end of the day I’m still a huge Xtend fan. I’m plan on trying Core Nutritionals’ Core ABC which I know has one of the best ingredient profiles of any bcaa product on the market, but until then I would say Xtend is the best I’ve used. Other than the grittiness of the powder I don’t mind using Chain’d Out though. The ingredient profile is pretty solid, the amount of servings compared to the price is really good (90 Servings, $54.95), and the taste isn’t bad either. If you’re looking for a solid BCAA product to switch it up or maybe to switch to full time, ALR Chain’d Out would be a pretty good choice.