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Sust 250

  • Universal Nutrition Animal Nitro
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Product Description

Sust 250 Prohormone 

The best natural Prohormone kit on the market today, SUST 250 

Sustanon 250
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, INC
•Bodybuilding's Most Anabolically-Potent, Single-Dose Tablet!  •Pharmaceutically-Inspired "Pill-Inside-a-Pill" Technology  •Formulated with 11 Anabolic Agents, Including Nine Legal Pro Hormone Esters    Sports supplement companies certainly come up with some incredibly outrageous claims in their advertising. This huffing and puffing also usually comes with an amazing story about some geek who gained 20 lb of muscle in just one week from using their product, or something even more twisted than that. The more arrogant marketers often throw out some "clinical data" or "strong anecdotal evidence" in support of their claims that are, at best, a bizarre extrapolation of some pseudo-scientific data that really has nothing to do with their product anyway. It's amazing how some of these supplement companies are able to compress such a large amount of ignorance into such a small advertisement. Surprisingly, though, no supplement company has yet dared to claim that it has one product--just one--that will produce significant improvements in muscular size and strength by taking just one pill a day. After all, that would be a pretty tall glass to fill. 



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Product Reviews

  1. It Works 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Dec 2013

    My starting weight was 218 at 15% body fat. After 4 weeks end weight was 225 at 15% body fat. Strength gains were minimal. Endurance was elevated though I left gym feeling like I didn't work out hard enough. My wife noticed a size increase in my chest and shoulders. She kept saying I swear your getting bigger. I don't keep her informed on supplements I take. I didn't experience any sides just ate clean took supports and no alcohol!!

  2. get HUGE 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Apr 2013

    if you want awesome gains and veins that stick out like night crawlers this is the stuff you definitely need to have, I cant believe the gains I have gotten and my work out stamina is unreal, I killing it. best I have ever used for lifting.

  3. First week 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Apr 2013

    Have seen a big difference in just a week!
    Deffently worth the money!!

  4. Awesome 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Feb 2013

    I am running a 12 week of this. I have used injectables in the past. I wanted to run another serious stack but I decided," what the heck, let's see what a lil pill does." We'll fellas, this product is some serious shit. I stacking it with double dragon 300 and talking "LIVER ARMOR" which is a must. I also recommend talking 4 pills a day in the peak of your cycle because I feel that your body becomes immune to an oral. I saw gains within the 3rd and 4th week.. Must try it.

  5. week 2 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jan 2013

    Im now on Sust 250 for two weeks and my strength is still going up. It almost makes me nervous to get so strong so fast. I have so much energy in the gym and such huge pumps I feel unstoppable. Ive even ordered this for my workout partner who is now on his first week and he is blow away by the results. this cycle started I was 208 week 2 im 212 and lean. Not much water retention and I stay vascular. Im sleeping great still and fall asleep within 10 min of laying down and feel like I wake up pumped and ready for the gym. My first week I did get a couple blood pressure headaches but it hasnt happened since and the abdominal cramping hasnt happened since either. Im on a 4000-5000 calorie diet about a gallon and a half of water pure creatine and insidious for pre workout. Only new side I have to report is some joint aches especially elbows but this is because im so damn strong now I skull crush 135 for 10 reps. I increased the amount of omegas ive been taking and this has helped a lot. Sex drive is through the roof. Only other side is a little more aggression and cockyness but its under control. Week 3 should be intresting. This is a good real product and cant wait to run my pct clean out my system and run another one. Thank you Musclefreaks for quality for sure. Well worth the 100 bucks to feel like a God....haha Im on one for sure.

  6. Week 1 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jan 2013

    I started Sust250 a week ago and my strength has skyrocketed. My bench was 275 for 3 reps and now its 315 for 3 reps. I was squatting 365 for 6 reps and today squated 405 for 5. Even my arm strength has drastically gone up, I curled 135 straight bar for 6 reps and the same on skull crushers. Sex drive has also gone up and appetite is insane im always hungry. The pump and energy I have in the gym is incredible. Im also taking the new Insidious which is a great preworkout along with pure creatine omega 3-6-9. The only sides ive noticed are mild blood pressure headache that happened twice and sone abdominal cramping that has happened a few times. Of course im taking liver matrix. Im sleeping pretty good an waking up ok too. Im excited to see what the next few weeks bring.

  7. First week 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jan 2013

    Its been 7 days on sust 250 and liver matrix. Strength has skyrocketed in every lift. I was benching 275 for 3 reps yesterday 315 for 3 reps. Was able to squat 365 for 6 today squated 405 for 5. Even arm strength has drastically boosted im curling 135 on straight bar for 6 reps. Skull crushing the same. The pump is insane and I stay amped most of the day. Sex drive has increased also. The only sides ive noticed are mild blood pressure headache that has happened twice and a little abdominal cramping. But nothing I cant handle. Im taking liver matrix, omega 3-6-9 .a pure creatine monohydrate and the new insidious preworkout which also works great.I started the Sust250 at 208lbs and weighed in 7 days later at 211lbs. The stuff works for sure. Cant wait to see how I am in the next few weeks.

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