Sust 250

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Sust 250 Prohormone 

The best natural Prohormone kit on the market today, SUST 250 

Sustanon 250
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, INC
•Bodybuilding's Most Anabolically-Potent, Single-Dose Tablet!  •Pharmaceutically-Inspired "Pill-Inside-a-Pill" Technology  •Formulated with 11 Anabolic Agents, Including Nine Legal Pro Hormone Esters    Sports supplement companies certainly come up with some incredibly outrageous claims in their advertising. This huffing and puffing also usually comes with an amazing story about some geek who gained 20 lb of muscle in just one week from using their product, or something even more twisted than that. The more arrogant marketers often throw out some "clinical data" or "strong anecdotal evidence" in support of their claims that are, at best, a bizarre extrapolation of some pseudo-scientific data that really has nothing to do with their product anyway. It's amazing how some of these supplement companies are able to compress such a large amount of ignorance into such a small advertisement. Surprisingly, though, no supplement company has yet dared to claim that it has one product--just one--that will produce significant improvements in muscular size and strength by taking just one pill a day. After all, that would be a pretty tall glass to fill. 


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