Trojan Horse 60 Serving

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Blackstone Labs Trojan Horse 60 Serving

Are you ready for a new type of fat burner that will leave you shredded to the bone? Well Trojan Horse is the supplement for you, this supplement works like no ohter supplemnet on the market today. Blackstone labs has been making products that work for many years now. Blackstone labs is known for products that deliver resualts and now they are doing it with Trojan Horse get this amazing product today.

Supplement Facts


Serving Size: 1 rounded scoop

Servings Per Container: 60


                                            Amount Per Serving  %Daily Value


Chromium Picolinate                        200mcg             167%

Calcium Pyruvate                             4,000mg

Garcinia Cambogia Extract               750mg

(std. to 60% Hydroxycitric Acid)

L-Carnitine-L-Tarate                         500mg


Other Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Citrix Acid, Erythritol, Sucralose, Silicon Dioxide.

Product Description

Supplement Facts

Legendary Supplements is excited to announce we have a new non stimulant fat burner called Blackstone Labs Trojan Horse. Blackstone Labs Trojan Horse diet supplement is one of a kind supplement that was designed by the Guerrilla Chemist chief science officer himself. According to a company statement, a leadign fat burner has the reputation of being the worlds best at burning fat. This ingredient was called 2,4-Dinitrophenol, or DNP as it most commonly known. This ingredient used scientific fat breakdown process called uncoupling to trick your body into creating more energy than it actually needs for ATP. However, this ingredient is considered very toxic to the human body. DNP will actually damage your cells at a cellular level, as well as the possibility of organ damage. Trojan Horse DOES NOT have any of these negative effects, or harmful effects on the human body, but has the same positive benefits as DNP.


Blackstone Labs Trojan Horse


Blackstone Labs Trojan Horse uses a scientific method known as uncoupling. Uncoupling is process in the body that tricks your body into thinking it needs more energy than it actually does for the production of ATP. Trojan Horse tricks your body into burning fat, and is safe for men and women to use over the age of 18 years old. It has absolutely no stimulants in it whatsoever. PJ Braun stated that you could use this product right before bed, and sleep just as you normaly would. The effects it has on fat burning are at cellular level, and not stimulant based. One of the major benefits of Trojan Horse is its ability to burn fat at an accelerated rate, but be stimulant free. Most hard core fat burners amp your metabolism by increasing your heart rate, threw thermogenesis, and by targeting your central nervous system. Sound crazy right? This is why Trojan Horse was created, it was created for all the people out there that want to take a hard core fat burner, but don’t want to feel like a crack head!

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