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V Ripped

  • Twinlab Emulsified Norwegian Cod Liver Oil Orange
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V Ripped


V-Ripped with Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) 3 in 1 Performance 1) Testosterone Booster 2) Anti-Catabolic  BCAAs 3) Thermogenics 	 	Don't Sacrifice Muscle Gains for Fat Loss Get V Ripped for that Lean, Cut Hard Body. Burn Body Fat Not Muscle Looking to lose a little fat and pack on some muscle Hard muscles are too difficult to build only to lose them during burning fat.  It’s happened countless times. Every one is interested in building muscle while losing body fat. You want a strong, rock hard vascular physique. Getting ripped can be hard work as it takes patience, dedication and persistence. You must first have the right supplements plan in place which has been strategically designed to make you lose body fat and preserve muscle tissue. Unfortunately, most people will take an thermogenics product to increase metabolism to burn fat, but they will also burn muscle. Work it, it’s Worth it GGenXLabs Muscle -R-Sexy ™ Team Member  Carrie Rapp Women's Physique Born 1980 V-Ripped can help you achieved that ROCK HARD VASCULAR V PHYSIQUE Christina, CEO of GenXlabs since 1979, has seen too many atlhetes work hard to build muscle only to use a thermogenic product to burn fat only to see their muscles soften. In the past Christina would recommend three products 1)Testosterone booster, 2) BCAAs and 3)Thermogenics. V-Ripped 3 in 1 Performance was formulated to explosively elevate testosterone so you can build hard muscle, BCAAs to keep muscles hard and thermogenic to burn body fat. GenXLabs V-Ripped makes it easy for you to achieve your goal of bigger, harder, leaner muscle and increased fat loss with no need to buy multiple bottles of supplements. Get Anabolic, Gain Size and Get Lean with V-Ripped. Building a lean, head-turning, muscular physique requires maintaining solid muscle mass, with low body fat.  It is now possible to gain muscle without the fat with V-Ripped. V-Ripped natural testosterone boosters does not convert to estrogen, but it also actually has anti-estrogen effects, making it good to use during a cutting cycle to aid in fat loss. Primary Functions: •	Pull Water from Under the Skin for that Ripped Look. •	Stimulates Energy •	Muscle Recovery •	Maximum Athletic Performance. •	Lean Muscle Gains •	Cutting Body Fat Results: •	Lean Muscle Gains •	Increased Strength •	Increases Energy •	Dry Ripped Look	 GenXLabs  Muscle-R-Sexy™ Team Member Michael Lant NPC Men's Physique National Level Born 1993	GenXLabs V Ripped Other Use: •	PCT, On or Off Cycles, •	Pre Contest, both Women and Men. •	Both Anabolic and Androgenic. •	Elevated Sense of Well-Being GenXLabs V-Ripped 3 in 1 Performance Shreds Body Fat - Build Lean Muscle - Enhances Recovery V-Ripped Growth Factors V- Ripped's contains two naturally occurring Plant Pro Hormone Growth Factors to support  lean muscle growth.  Both dramatically increase testosterone levels and are well known in natural bodybuilding circles for its ability to increase lean muscle size.* Ingredient one: 3beta-3-Hydroxyandrost-5-en-17-one (aka Dehydroepiandrosterone DHEA):  A naturally occurring DSHEA-compliant proanabolic compound DHEA metabolite that converts to 1-androstenediol then to 1-test via 3d-HSD and 17b-HSD. Enzimatically converts to the powerful 1-Testosterone and doesn’t convert to estogen or DHT. V-Ripped advanced technology in Pro Hormone that are naturally made by the human body can be found in wild yam and soy. Many users experience remarkable gains in lean, hard, chiseled muscle.* Ingredient two: Indian Sarsaparilla  (aka Smilax) : A natual plant root thats contains steroidal saponins, such as sarsasapogenin, which some researcher claim can duplicate the action of some human hormones. Many bodybuilders claim that sarsaparilla root helps to build muscle mass, acting in a manner similar to anabolic steroids, but without the negative side effects. Sarsaparilla also contains diogenin, which contains the hormones progesterone and testosterone, both useful in muscle growth. In addition to its use in muscle growth, sarsaparilla root also has  anti-inflammatory and liver protection properties. It can neutralize toxins in the blood and act as a diuretic. •	SIZABLE GAINS IN LEAN MUSCLE •	INCREASE LIBIDO •	NATURAL PRODUCTION of TESTOSTERONE •	EXPLOSIVE STRENGHT •	ANTI-INFAMMATORY PROPERTIES V-Ripped Anti Catabolic Recover To preserve muscle during fat burning one must consume Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s). BCAA’s have the ability  to keep muscle tissue from breaking down during fat loss. V Ripped Recovery blend has been endorsed for it's potential anti-catabolic (preventing muscle breakdown) and anabolic (muscle building) effects. •	RECOVERY MORE EFFECTIVELY •	IMPROVED TRAING INTENSITY •	BRANCH CHAIN AMINO ACIDS •	ANTI-CATABOLIC BCAAs L- Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine.  Get Beyond Ripped by maintaining a positive nitrogen balance, promoting muscle sparing and promoting muscle growth, BCAAs in V-Ripped keep your muscle metabolism high, accelerate your recovery time and allow you to exercise with increased frequency. This all amounts to more calorie burning and the rapid incineration of subcutaneous fat.   V-Ripped anti-catabolic recovery and thermogenic blend increases body heat to help burn fat faster while preventing muscle breakdown.  Don't Sacrifice Muscles for Fat Loss. V-Ripped Fat Burner Amplifier •	THERMOGENIC •	PROMOTE FAT LOSS* •	ENHANCE METABOLISM* •	INCREASE ENERGY LEVELS* •	REDUCED WATER RETENTION •	INCREASED VACULARITY	 V-Ripped helps to increase the heat in the body and in turn affect the body's metabolism and ability to burn fat (Thermogenic). The thermogenic agent in V-Ripped such as L-Theanine, N-Methltyramine, Horenine, Theobromine, and Caffeine can help you burn unwanted fat while aiding your body’s transformation to hard muscle. L-Theanine is an amino acid that supports overall mental health and cellular function. Because of this, L-Theanine can be used as a supplement to help mental and physical relaxation, decrease stress and anxiety, as well as decrease nervousness and irritability.  L-Theanine shows promise as a weight loss aid, according to animal-based research published in the journal In Vivo in 2004.  Researchers found that L-theanine, green tea  and caffeine appeared to prevent weight gain and fight the buildup of fat. N-Methyltyramine can be found in nature from plants such as barley and Citrus aurantium, the latter being commonly used for Synephrine content (N-Methyltyramine is converted to Synephrine by Dopamine β -hydroxylase). It is also known to block a receptor known to promote fat storage. Hordenine is another naturally occurring stimulant found in barley and Citrus aurantium. Much like PEA, hordenine has the ability to increase noradrenalin levels after ingestion (Bloomer et al, 2009). However, unlike PEA, its effects are much longer lived, reaching a peak at 90 minutes. Hordenine also slows down the digestion of food. This means that energy is released slower, and you feel "fuller" for longer. This makes it easier to go longer between meals, helping to lower your overall calorie intake. Theobromine (also known as theobromide and xantheose) is a naturally occurring alkaloid that is a close chemical relative of caffeine. In the world of athletes, it could help to improve workout intensity as well as being a natural diuretic. It also has many medicinal properties that can be used for a variety of purposes.  Theobromine is best known  is as a vasodilator.  It works by acting on the nerves in the veins, and causing them to relax in order to allow more blood to flow. For this reason, combined with its mild stimulating effect, offers benefits to endurance athletes, and will allow them to work at a high intensity for much longer than otherwise. 	Caffeine Anhydrous is a powerful energy accelerant. Caffeine is the perfect way to energize your body for powerful workouts. Caffeine Anhydrous is a fast-acting substance that delivers the right molecular structure to your energy systems for maximum energy and power output. Caffeine Anhydrous acts to increase mental alertness and neurologically provide the surge you need to maximize your training. However caffeine is not just a stimulant. The beneficial effect Caffeine Anhydrous has on endurance exercise is well established, and has been confirmed in a multitude of studies. Caffeine will delay the onset of muscle fatigue and provide that lasting boost you need for your workout or throughout the day. Dicaffeine malate is a stimulant that contains both caffeine and malic acid an patented ingredient. The malic acid helps calm the digestive effects of caffeine. Malic acid is also thought to replenish the energy produced by the caffeine.  Infinergy dicaffeine malate has been shown to burn more fat and create a thermogenic effect in the body just like the original caffeine. So what’s the difference? Well first of all, dicaffeine malate is a buffered version of caffeine. Basically speaking, it is meant to produce the same results while protecting the stomach from possible upset and the body in general from more side effects. With Infinergy dicaffeine malate, you make this particular mechanism of safety that much stronger, and Infinergy dicaffeine malate will help you to lose weight. V-Ripped Vascularity & Shredding Dandelion is a strong diuretic and rapidly eliminates excess water from underneath your skin. This diuretic effect makes you visibly harder and drier within hours of your first dose Vanadyl Sulfate is a form of vanadium that is often used to speed glucose clearance after a carbohydrate containing meal. Doing so is believed to increase glucose storage in muscle tissue, improving body composition and athletic performance. Vanadyl sulfate also provides greater pumps and vacularity.

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