Vmi Sports A-xr Pct

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Strongest PCT Ever

Ok guys I started using this PCT recently after a cycle of D6 and loved it, as most of you know I normally run a 1-andro product with my PCT to hold my gains. Well this is the first time I didn't buy another andro product I simply just ran the A-xr pct. 

This PCT already has Arimistane and it has 25mg of Androstenolone perfect for keeping your gains and even maybe adding a few after cycle. You cant go wrong with A-Xr PCT, its loaded with everything you need to hold on to your gains and then some..


Details : A-XR PCT, 60 Caps
Uniquely blended, Libido enhancing Test Matrix, powered by Shilijat (PrimaVie ) ) Is A High Grade, Post Cycle Testosterone Up-regulation Formula. This Is Not To Be Used In Conjunction With Any Other Pct Based Product, And Should Be Taken As Directed. Please Consult Your Health Care Practitioner And/or Doctor Before Use.


Key Ingredients

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